A new delivery

A New Delivery: The Moms on Call Podcast

We’ve partnered with parents as they raise half a million kids! That’s a lot of kids!

The Moms on Call resources have touched the lives of families all over the globe with books, online classes, apps, personal consultations and digital resources all aimed at encouraging the most powerful voices in the world – the voice of a parent. We love to harness digital technology to get the real story to real parents with a side of hope and encouragement.

Listen, we really wanted to shout a few things from the rooftops…but only a few people would hear us…and it would weird out the neighbors…and rooftops are dangerous.

So, we are doing a PODCAST!!!

Come hang out with us as we give the tips that really, really, really work. And just listen in as we do what we do. What you may find is that you are not alone, and that some of those decisions that seemed stressful or confusing are not only normal, they might have a clear way forward that works. Just having a way forward that resonates with the great decision maker that you already are...it is priceless.

The Moms on Call Podcast is like having a friend with a half a million kids, tons of seasoned experience, a sense of the realities of raising kids in this modern age AND who just wants the best for you; in your pocket! You can listen, laugh and be encouraged at any time. Whether you already have a super fan on the parenting front or feel like you don’t have a single voice to cheer you on, you are invited. We will be honored to be that voice for you.

Join us as we tell the real story, unravel the mystery of your toddler’s behavior, talk about the secrets of getting babies to sleep all night and give you a sneak peek into the things that thousands of families have been asking us. We will even have a number where you can join in on the podcast fun and ask a question of your very own!

But what we want most is for you to leave with something valuable, something that makes parenting easier or more fun or helps you to see things in a way that serves you and your kids.

And in the end, YOU get to decide. At Moms on Call, we want parents to be equipped, cut through all of the conflicting information and let the parents do the parenting. Whether you do it the Moms on Call way or not, we believe that the best decision is the one you make.

Listen to The Moms on Call Podcast now on your platform of choice! Hearing from the parents who invite us into their lives is our absolute favorite, so be sure to subscribe and leave us a review!

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