Parenting myths

5 Common Parenting Myths

Are you expecting and feeling overwhelmed by all the unsolicited parenting advice? Find out why some of these common parenting myths aren't true, and get the facts straight from the experts at Moms on Call.

5 Common Parenting Myths

  1. Sleep Now, Because You Are Never Sleeping Again.
    • If you haven't been stopped in a grocery store and told by a stranger to enjoy your sleep now before you never sleep again, are you even a parent? All jokes aside, this is one of the most common myths!
    • The Reality: When we communicate to babies in the way that they learn (through association and routine), it is truly amazing how they respond.
      • AND within 3 months of age, when we start putting the basic routines of life in play, we can enjoy full nights of sleep.
    • What Can You Do?
      • Be prepared!
        • At Moms on Call, we've got you covered. Follow along with the Moms on Call principles, techniques, and typical day schedules found in the Books, Online Courses and the MOC Scheduler App.
          • Have your schedule handy, and be ready with a few sleep tricks from our resources!
      • Practice the swaddle technique before the baby arrives (you can use a stuffed animal or baby doll until the baby arrives)! The right swaddle can make all the difference.
  2. You Must Pick ONE Feeding Method.
    • This misinformation can be harmful to families, and it's just not true! Babies don't have a "one size fits all" feeding method!
    • The Reality: Babies can be breastfed, formula fed, or a combination of the two! Good parents feed their babies, and there are three ways to do it.
    • What Can You Do?
      • Have a plan, but be flexible. You may experience unexpected challenges with your feeding method, and that is okay.
      • Give yourself grace!
        • You are both just getting used to this. It is not the breast or the bottle but the heart that feeds the baby that makes the bond.
        • Babies need nutrition and love.
      • Be armed with what you may need (not what you want to need)
        • We've got you covered with a list of items you may need and tips for breastfeeding, pumping, and storing breastmilk here.
        • Check out our post, "10 Steps for Formula Feeding," with Amna Husain, MD, Pediatrician, Lactation Consultant, AAP Spokesperson, Mom, and Bobbie's medical advisor.
        • View Moms on Call's Amazon list of essentials for babies 0-6 months.
  3. You Have to Figure Everything Out by the Time Baby Arrives and Do It “Right.”
    • This common myth is often accompanied by an internet search. You know, the "Do this, or else".
    • The Reality: There is no "right" way! There is a myriad of twists and turns, and you will figure this thing out, and we're here to help!!
    • What Can You Do?
      • If your internet search starts to freak you out, by all means - STOP.
      • Parenting is a learning curve. Stick around for the surprises!
        • Have fun, and remember, learning should be less about stress and more about enjoying this process.
      • Determine to be supportive.
        • At Moms on Call, we SEE you! We Support, Encourage, and Equip parents to enjoy this - This journey into parenting is the best you'll ever have!
  4. If They Make It, You Need It.
    • No matter how great the marketing, you need way LESS than you think. This reality is often learned the second time around.
    • The Reality: From the Moms of many, choose safety and lean into the brands that have been at this for a while. They have the safeguards in place to serve your family.
    • What Can You Do?
      • Keep your receipts. (We get it, baby stuff is oh-so CUTE!)
      • Beware of common marketing terms.
        • Have studies shown? What studies? Who paid for these studies? Who was studied? (If you are not going to read it, it should not be taken as scientific fact.)
      • Ask important questions!
        • Does it make logical sense to me?
        • What safety elements are in place?
        • Have they been in business long enough to have a dependable process of returns/complaints?
  5. You Need the Approval/Opinion of Everyone You Can Get Your Hands On.
    • The unsolicited advice will come whether you welcome it or not. This myth of others knowing what is best for your household is just not true.
    • The Reality? We believe in you!
      • We know that you can make decisions for your household!
        • Trust that inner parent. Tap into that instinct. It is there and will lead you.
        • The fewer voices that speak into the intimate parenting decisions, the more confidence you will have (and the easier this will be).
        • Not everything that worked for someone else will work for you and your family. That is OK.
      • What Can You Do?
        • Have fun!
          • Enjoy making fun choices about the color and style of your nursery.
          • Check out the post about Designing Your Dream Nursery for some practical inspiration.
        • Consider discussing the finer details of parenting, like methods and ideals, that will drive how you raise your family with your partner.
        • Ask questions:
          • How can we support each other?
          • What is the most important thing we want to make sure happens when we get home?
        • Who do we want to help us, and who will we choose to speak into this wonderful adventure?
          • It may or may not be MOC- and that is okay - as long as you choose on purpose and avoid letting every voice in, which can lead to confusion.

This is an adventure that will thrill and confound you. Like all relationships, it is not all about 'answers', and is more about indulging in the experience, forming a realistic perspective, and extending a strong measure of grace. You've got this!

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