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4 Ways to Combat Newborn Fog Part 1

Written by Liz Magee, RN, BSN || Photography courtesy of Shannon Jean Cole

Liz, owner of Eat Play Snooze, is passionate about partnering with new parents to help them find confidence, peace, and most of all happiness in the chaos of bringing a new life into a family. There is no sweeter time in life, why shouldn’t you enjoy it? She is an experienced critical care nurse and infant care consultant serving families in the Triangle area. Liz lives and works in Raleigh with her husband, two boys and their sweet dog. She would love to join you on your parenting journey! Liz is available for support locally but offers distance support packages as well! Feel free to check out Liz’s website for more information on her philosophies and why she loves working with this population.

One of my best friends, pregnant with her third baby, had just asked me about signing on for a package of my consulting services for the second time. My first reaction was, no way! She is a PRO and she certainly does not need my help. But she was insistent in trying to make a valuable point for all moms.

These early days with baby are easily forgotten because you are floating through the entire time with a dichotomy of emotions. The extreme bliss is certainly the take away, but the cumulative exhaustion of feed-wake-sleep cycles every 3 hours is wearing on us as parents. Not to mention if you are also juggling the needs of your other children, your partner, your house and if you have any time leftover, yourself. The weight of every decision you make feels heavier when you are suspended in this emotional state.

What can you do to combat this newborn fog?

1. Know that you are the BEST parent for your baby.

  • You were designed for each other!
  • You CAN do this!

2. Set a routine & stay consistent.

  • Moms on Call has provided Typical Day schedules to get you through baby – toddler years and make your days more manageable.

3. Reach out to friends & family

  • Talk about how you are feeling.
  • We often find ourselves saying “I’ll let you know”, when we are offered help. Instead, respond with a concrete way for them to do something. Ex. Bring you food, clean your kitchen, call to check in, etc.

4. You are NOT alone.

  • Following Moms on Call’s methods is a great way to take control of your days.
  • Having a trained Consultant on your journey is an even better way to ensure that you’ve got the support you need.

Working with my sweet friend over the next three months of her new baby’s life was the best reminder of why I do what I do. It’s about meeting people where they are in the journey of parenthood.

When you are living in every 3-hour blocks of time between feedings, having routine in place is key. Moms on Call has many resources to give parents a plan for the day and a strategy for the night.

As a consultant, I answer questions that you cannot ask the book. We help troubleshoot, personalize, adjust, and most importantly encourage you along the way. It is such a privilege to partner with parents and help navigate those early days of life, up to the toddler years. My friend has reminded me of this, even experienced parents are in need of support.

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