11 Month Daytime & Nap Schedule with Bess & Emma Carter

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Written by  Bess Carter, lifestyle blogger.

Hi Moms on Call fam!

My name is Bess and I am a lifestyle blogger over at bessharringtoncarter.com. You can connect with me on Instagram here! I am the mama to my sweet Emma, who is 11 months old and will be turning the big ONE on July 21st. We have been using Moms on Call since Emma was about 5 months (*kicks self for not starting sooner*) and have loved how helpful it is for us as we navigate being first-time parents!

Today I wanted to share what our daytime and nap schedule is like right now at 11 months. We recently dropped Emma’s third afternoon nap and went down to two, so I thought I’d share what that schedule looks like these days and how we knew it was time to go from three naps down to two. 

Here's the 11 Month Daytime & Nap Schedule we follow:

One week, around 8.5 months, Emma started really fighting going to sleep. She would cry for 30-45 minutes a couple nights in a row. This is very unlike her because since we sleep trained her and got her on the Moms on Call schedule, she goes down into her crib and quietly puts herself to sleep. So, we had an idea that something was up. I referenced my 6-15 month Moms on Call video course and looked up dropping a nap and when it’s time. The next day we decided to move up to the 8-10 month schedule and eliminate the 3rd nap at 5pm and instead kept her awake until bedtime. She went down so easy that night and has ever since, so we knew that was the right move!

By the way, the Moms on Call Scheduler app from the app store is so helpful! You can easily set the schedule to whatever month you’re in and change it as you go along. It also shows you when to incorporate feeding & playing. It’s really easy to follow, and putting Emma on a schedule made the biggest difference in our nighttime sleep. She sleeps 7pm-7am every single night (knock on wood!) and has since 5 months when we started using Moms on Call.

Schedules and everything help so much, but it’s also helpful to pay attention to baby and any cues they give. Some babies may need to drop naps earlier, and some may need it later! The best part about MOC is that they make it so easy to understand cues and have schedules for you to use and make them work for your baby and your life. For example, I’ve noticed Emma does best when both of her two remaining naps are 2 hours. She does seem to really love sleep and need a lot of it (I think she gets that from me!), so this has worked best for us. Some babies may do better when naps are closer to 1.5 hours.

Here is our current schedule:

7am: Wake up, Nurse

7:30-9am: Play time

9am-11am: Down for nap

11am: Wake up, Nurse

11:30am-1pm: Play time

1pm-3pm: Nap time

3pm-6:30pm: Play time

6:30-7pm: Bath time (we do baths every other night) + Bedtime routine + Nurse

7pm: Bedtime

And that’s pretty much it right now! Again, I am so grateful to have Moms on Call courses and schedule to help lead the way for me, and then I make tweaks as I feel best suits Emma’s needs. If you want to read more about Emma at 11 months, I wrote a blog post here!



Bess Carter and her daughter Emma

Bess Carter

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