0-6 Months

Happy babies, confident parents, routines and miracle sleep tips.

6-15 Months

Simple guide to baby foods, sippy cups and sleeping all night.

15 Months to 4 Years

What to say and do! From potty-training to tantrums, we’ll take you step-by-step.

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Shopping for the best products for your baby can be a confusing event. Let us take the guess-work out and show you what 8 children, 20 years of Pediatric Nursing and 10 years of infant/toddler consulting has taught us!


Infant care is easier to learn when you can see how it is done. Let two pediatric nurses show you everything from our famous swaddling technique that calms and soothes fussy babies to how to give a baby a relaxing bath.


Personal Consult

Infant and Toddler Care Consulting helps parents partner with experienced professionals to successfully navigate the challenges of life with babies and/or toddlers without feeling exhausted or totally overwhelmed.

Sleep. Feed. Laugh. Love.