I have been following your book now for the last month and have had GREAT SUCCESS with my almost 5 month old girl. Thank you!


I’m a new father and an instant Mom’s On Call fan. Your information is invaluable and all my friends swear by your methods as well.


Your book is amazing and I am so glad we have it. It has proven to be the most useful baby gift we received!


Soon after starting your schedule my son started sleeping through the night and had predictable naps. This meant I got my sanity back.


I have a 9 week old daughter and your book has been a life saver! She’s been sleeping through the night since 5.5 weeks!


“Your Methods are Miracle Workers”

Thank you so much for your support— you were right as always. It is scary, as a new mom, when they seem to be in so much pain and all you want to do is comfort them—but, in the end, the real true comfort she needed was a good night’s rest. So, thank you again—you have set me back on the path of restful sleeping (for all of us). PS– I really do recommend you to ALL of my friends— your methods are miracle workers! Thanks Again!


“I Cannot Express Enough Gratitude”

You both are such a blessing to sleep deprived babies and parents everywhere. I think every woman that is having a baby needs to know about Moms On Call, it has transformed everything and finally I’m enjoying my little girl!! Thank You, Thank You!



Hi! We are doing so incredibly well. I am so happy I heard about you and your book. This has changed our lives!! He now goes down at night with no fussing AT ALL. It worked in 3 day even though he was spoiled for 8 months first! :o) We’re working on naps now, and it’s going very well. I’m sticking to the schedule and when he starts rubbing his eyes, we go to his room, read a book, I sing a little to him and put him down. He’s taking longer naps and is sleeping through the night. You are a LIFESAVER!!!! I’ll tell everyone I know about your books!


“Absolutley Priceless”

As a customer of Moms On Call, I can tell you what they teach literally saves marriages and helps make loving, happy families. My husband and I had our first child, Sophia in August 2004. We were the typical clueless new parents. After 3-4 weeks of extreme exhaustion, frustration and despair we called Moms on Call to come to our home and provide a private consultation. In a 2-3 hour period she taught us more about how to listen to and soothe our baby than any book or other seminar had even come close to providing. From that point on, using the tools Laura provided us with, we were able to provide Sophia with a loving, in tune environment that let her get the comfort she needed, while allowing us to truly start enjoying her and our new family. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!!


“From Skeptic to Supporter!”

I didn’t think your method would work and feared I’d end up with a miserable, neurotic child and myself depressed and guilt-ridden. We started your method Thursday night and as you had assured me, Kayla is sleeping in her crib by herself and sleeping through the night! Praise God!! I’m still waking up every couple of hours to check on her but I’m sure that will get better. She’s still catnapping during the day (45 minutes is the longest nap she’s taking) but with 12 hours at night, who am I to complain?! Thank you again for your patience and encouragement. I couldn’t have made it through the toughest moments without your support. I will happily recommend your book to all of my friends who are expecting!


“Slept All Night AND Napping”

Kathryn went to bed at 10 last night without making a peep and made it until exactly 7am until we heard from her again!!! Went down for the 8 am nap without a sound and is still sleeping! Her congestion is about the same this AM but she is eating fine and taking 7oz at each feeding. The only time she didn’t eat much was at the last feeding last night when she did about half of a bottle. I think she was just really ready for bed!
I am amazed!!! THANK YOU!!!


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