Gift: 0-6 Month Online Course

Give the gifts of confidence, encouragement and peace of mind with our 0-6 Month Online Course. It’s the perfect gift for the new and expecting parents in your life, whether it’s for the holidays, baby showers or just because!





"Moms on call has been a life saver!"

As a first time mom, I came home from the hospital not knowing what to do with my daughter. Thank goodness a friend directed me to Moms on Call! The 0-6 month course is worth every penny and has allowed our daughter to thrive (and sleep through the night!!!)

"Moms on Call has literally changed our lives and saved my sanity!"

Our little guy has slept horribly since the first week: hates the swaddles, screams all night, nothing ("nothing") soothes him. Last night after watching your videos, retried the swaddle, used the soothing techniques..... he slept 4 hours solid, was up for 45 minutes, then back down again immediately for another 3 hours solid. I'm literally crying watching him sleep, because I just got him back down again in less than 30 minutes this time! Thank you!

"Thanks again Moms On Call!"

You are both so relatable, real and genuine, and as nervous as I am to put our 4 month old in his crib alone, I feel confident because you two are so encouraging! I’m a television news anchor and go to work in the middle of the night, so getting our little one to sleep through the night is really important!

"This online course is such a blessing!"

I delivered our first child, baby boy. I’ve been counting on having my mom there to help, she is a former L&D nurse and currently a lactation consultant. Since she couldn’t come stay with us I worried I didn’t spend enough time learning about caring for a newborn because I was counting on her helping teach me along the way. I had read your book twice, so obviously I wasn’t completely unprepared, but it felt that way. Getting the videos and watching them before I was induced gave me so much peace about the weeks to come.

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