Every item in our highly-edited shop has been hand-picked by our mother-and-daughter founders, Nancy & Chaffee Braithwaite, to ensure that parents and baby can enjoy themselves during this busy, happy time with as little stress as possible. Whether selecting the perfect coming home outfit or demystifying stroller selection, our goal, always, is to offer new parents solutions that work — and that also delight in their sweetness, simplicity, and sheer loveliness.

Caring for an infant can be overwhelming enough without throwing skin problems into the mix. With Baby Pibu™ products, infant skincare doesn’t have to be a confusing chore. The loving brainchild of dermatologist mom Dr. Amy Kim, the Baby Pibu™ organization produces the ideal combination of gentle, effective products made from high-quality, clinically-tested ingredients. Every product is paired with Dr. Amy’s detailed, easy-to-digest instructions on application and care, so that parents can focus less on figuring skincare out, and more on their tiny bundles of joy.