Mission Statement

  1. We believe that parents are the best ones to make decisions on behalf of their children, and we find it an extraordinary privilege to partner with parents in this amazing adventure.
  2. We believe that children are STRONG, ADAPTABLE AND RESILIENT. And we will send that message to parents over and over.
  3. We believe in parenting out of truth and not out of fear. We will not be found fear mongering to get any desired result.
  4. We will provide a voice of hope and encouragement. We will never shame, insult or demean another human being for making choices that are different than ours.
  5. We are here to help parents feel safe and confident regardless of religion, race, sex, gender, exclusivity of breast-feeding, dedication to bottle-feeding, etc. At Moms on Call, parents are parents—period.
  6. We, the founders of Moms on Call, are Christians. We are who we are everywhere that we go. This simply means that we do our best to treat people with warmth, compassion, acceptance and wisdom that is greater than ours.
  7. We do not “market” ourselves. We do not offer incentives for stellar recommendations or good ratings on social media. Every testimonial is organic, authentic and unsolicited.
  8. We are not a ‘Large Corporation’ we are a small business started by two women who wanted to make a change in the world of parenting. We just wanted to make it easier so parents could enjoy their babies and toddlers even more.
  9. We believe that our differences make us better. We realize that we are not the right fit for every parenting style. We also believe in the value of having a variety of parenting styles.
  10. We believe that our job is to serve our clients to the best of our ability.


Most importantly, we believe in you!