Why We Love NUK First Essentials Bottles

Join us as we discuss the reasons we love NUK’s First Essentials bottles and how they have helped us solve thousands of feeding issues. We know you and your baby will love them just as much as we do!

Written by Moms on Call

Does anyone else feel nostalgic just looking at these bottles? They are a reminder of the classics we had when we were babies. And why change what works?! At Moms on Call, we’ve found that the tried and true, classic, natural flow of this nipple is what works and has helped us to successfully solve thousands of feeding issues.

Why do we love the NUK First Essentials bottles so much? 

Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. The material, flow and length of the nipple.
    • The nipple is designed with ribbed material that allows baby’s tongue to grip the nipple without slipping. 
    • With the latex nipples, when little one is sucking, the nipples elongate just a bit. This helps to keep a nice suck and rhythm. Similar to mom’s breast. 
  2. The ribbed & vented nipple helps reduce unwanted air swallowing. 
    • This helps prevent the nipple from collapsing and helps to reduce colic
  3. BPA-free, dishwasher safe and minimal parts
    • That’s right! It can be placed on the rack in the dishwasher! You know what that means, no abundance of drying bottle racks all over your kitchen. 
    • And even better, there are no vents or extra pieces to clean.  Because why complicate things?!
  4. Budget-friendly!
    • A higher price tag and “breast-shaped” bottles do not mean better quality…just better advertising.
  5. The NUK First Essentials bottles fit most breast pumps and have leak-proof hoods. 
    • Preventing messes and delivering more nutrients to baby! 

For years, we have loved and shared this bottle in our resources, during personal consults and on our Products We Love pageWe are honored to now be able to offer these feeding essentials right alongside the rest of our famous Moms on Call resources. 

At Moms on Call we love hearing about the success our parents have with the products we love! We’ve heard from countless families and MOC Consultants about how these bottles are a feeding (and wallet) game changer! Even better than us telling you why WE love it, is showing you the true outcome from parents and babies actually using it (and loving it)! 

Here are a few of the families we’ve heard from: 

“Working with Yani is the best decision my family has made! We were struggling with getting our daughter to sleep and Yani helped us realize that there were so many factors involved. She coached us through finding the right bottles, Nuk First essentials, to get her intake to where it needed to be.” — Margaret

“I know what you’re thinking. Nursing bottles? For babies? Groundbreaking. But hear me out, apparently there’s a thing where babies do not want to take a bottle. Initially, I never really struggled with that because Emily recommended these magical bottles.

Soon after, I saw other bottle designs at Target which were hip and modern compared to the old-fashioned Gerber bottle. I am very design-oriented and purchased them in hopes of being that “cool mom” with innovative products and AVA WOULD.NOT.TAKE.IT!!! All-in-all we tried about 5+ brands and models which she mostly disliked but for a couple, yet still preferred the basic NUK First Essentials (previously Gerber) bottle.” — Mariana 

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