The Ultimate Parent’s Guide for Having a Babysitter

Leaving your little with another caregiver can be a bit overwhelming. Moms on Call has curated the ultimate guide for having a babysitter, complete with a downloadable Babysitter Binder template and tips to help your child thrive in your absence!

With mom brain, it’s easy to forget things! This is why a Babysitter Binder comes into great use! Moms on Call has created a Babysitter Binder template for you that is broken down into sections to make it as simple and easy as possible to be prepared when leaving your little one(s) with a caregiver. All you have to do is fill out the specified fields in the template and then print, email or text it to any caregiver!

Your Babysitter Binder should contain the following:

Having this information ready will help give you peace of mind anytime you have to leave your child(ren) in someone else’s care. Being prepared ahead of time will also help leaving them go more smoothly.

We recommend always having a printed Babysitter Binder at home and also emailing or texting copies to caregivers so that they can quickly access wherever they are with your child(ren)!

The Importance of Having Up-to-Date CPR, Choking and First Aid Knowledge

It is super important to make sure all caregivers (babysitters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, etc.) are up-to-date on CPR and Choking skills. Moms on Call offers Infant + Child CPR, Choking, and First Aid Online Safety Courses! We even include downloadable quick reference guides with pictures to refresh and guide caregivers through CPR, Choking and First Aid scenarios. These are great additions to your Babysitter Binder.

We also recommend having caregivers watch our Online Course as a great way to ensure that they are ready to respond in an emergency situation.

If your child has recently turned 1 year old, what you do for CPR and Choking changes. Stay up to date on these skills with this Online Course. It is recommended that you refresh your CPR skills at least every 12 months, which is easy to do with lifetime access to our Online Course!

Tips to Help Your Child(ren) Thrive in Your Absence

We also want you to be prepared with some tips to help your child to thrive in your absence because it is important to practice being apart! This will make enjoying a date night, dinner with your friends or even a trip to the grocery store alone easier. Try out these tips to make being apart more enjoyable for everyone!

  • Always say good-bye. Avoid the urge to sneak away. Let them know when you are leaving, so that they know that when you leave, you always come back. Which reminds me of the @danieltigertv song, “Grownups come back.” (I love their parenting app for toddlers!)
  • Stay positive and confident when the caregiver gets there and when you say good-bye. Our children can read our emotions better than we think. We don’t want to get overly emotional because if we are upset then they will get upset. A confident face is such a powerful tool with babies and toddlers! Our confidence will be contagious!
  • Create a good-bye routine. Keep it short and sweet. Give them hugs and kisses and say, “Mommy loves you and I will always come back.” Start speaking the truth into your child’s heart now. They can understand more than we think.
  • Parent out of truth and love, not fear. The truth is our little one can thrive in our absence! Our children are capable, adaptable and strong (and so are we)! You’ve got this!
  • Practice being apart. In order for children to learn anything new, they have to become familiar with it. And in order to do so, they need practice being apart from their parents. Give your child a chance to experience and thrive in your absence! You will appreciate your time together even more!

Having a consistent plan in place and being prepared will ease our parent hearts and make it easier on our children.

Don’t forget to download MOC’s free Babysitter Binder template so that you’re prepared the next time Grandma or a babysitter comes over. Always make sure to go over it with them, so they are prepared as well!

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