New Resource! Solid Food Progression Extras

Moms on Call introduces an all new BONUS to our Baby Food Introduction Calendar! Take a look at our Solid Food Progression Extras for even more guidance through your journey with solid foods!

Our original Baby Food Introduction Calendar has been a long-time favorite resource among our Moms on Call families. This printable, easy to follow guide gives you a daily plan for introducing solids to your little one over 5 weeks. 

As moms, some of our favorite things to do when raising our kids was to put an extra note in our kid’s lunchbox or stash away a surprise to make an ordinary day seem extra. So, we decided to do the same for you! Using all of your great feedback about our original calendar, we revamped it with a fresh look AND added a brand-new bonus guide with even more tips to support you through your journey of progressing through solid foods. We know you’ll love our Solid Food Progression Extras that are now available!

Every baby moves through the progression of consistencies at a different pace, and we’re here to help you progress through each stage with confidence and clarity. 

Our new Solid Food Progression Extras cover:

  • How to progress through consistencies 
    • Beginning with purees that flow off the spoon and moving all the way up to finger-mushable pieces.
    • We will move up in the foods we serve by varying textures, sizes, seasoning and eventually to bite sized foods of what the family is eating. 
  •  Encouraging sensory involvement
    • Starting solids is more than just nutrition!
    • As the baby progresses from purees to finger mushable to bite sized foods, their oral motor development progresses as well. This is where the sensory tips come into play!! 
  • A quick guide to making your own purees 
    • Ummm…YUM!! (No judgement if you end up enjoying some too!) 
  • Sample menus — Our favorite part!
    • We cover sample menus for 4-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months!
    • Variety, Variety, Variety! 
    • Each sample menu includes suggested items and foods by category. These categories expand as baby’s pallet does too.
    • It makes planning for mealtime each day a breeze! With each meal, you’ll take a quick look at the chart by age and choose from the categories listed. 
  • Yummy recipes ideas for baby (that you’ll love too)!

Remember to always consult with your pediatrician about when to introduce allergens, like nuts and eggs.  Also check out our blog post about introducing solids and allergens

Sign up to receive both our Baby Food Introduction Calendar and Solid Food Progression Extras here and start your journey with solid foods. Looking for more? Be sure to check out our Knowledge Center and Products We Love for all of our current recommendations! 

Enjoy and remember to HAVE FUN!!

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