The Top 5 Reasons Moms on Call Loves SlumberPod and Where to Use It! 

Whether you are traveling, sharing a room with your little, or just in need of a blackout space for nap time, SlumberPod to the rescue! Join us as we discuss our top 5 reasons we love SlumberPod, and where we use it.

Today we are talking about SlumberPod, (use code MOC for 5% off your purchase) a privacy pod for traveling with babies and toddlers that offers a blackout sleeping space with safety in mind. So prepare to be hooked if you haven’t heard of SlumberPod and didn’t catch it on Shark Tank. Let’s talk about our top 5 reasons Moms on Call loves SlumberPod!

Top 5 reasons Moms on Call loves SlumberPod

  1. It creates a room within a room. Genius, right?! Here are just some of the scenarios that make it a game-changer.
    • Room sharing at home
    • Visiting family and there’s only one guest room
    • Sharing a hotel room without a quiet dark place for the baby to sleep
  2. It’s portable, lightweight, and compact.
    • Easily fits inside carry-on luggage and weighs only 5lbs
    • Comes with its own travel bag
  3. It’s quick and easy to set up (and take down).
    • No engineering degree is required. Check out this video to see just how easy it is!
  4. It’s made of breathable fabric, with four ventilation panels for additional airflow.
    • Adjustable zipper openings will allow as much or as little light as baby prefers.
  5. It is spacious enough for your littlest babe to toddler age.
    • Tall enough for most three-year-olds to stand up inside of! 
    • Fits over playards, mini cribs, toddler cots and kid’s inflatable mattresses. 

Let’s talk about our #1 reason and see where and when it’s used.

Whether space doesn’t provide for an additional room, or you’re just not ready to move baby to that beautiful nursery, you’ve crafted for them quite yet; the SlumberPod is the perfect way to create that ideal sleep environment by giving baby a blackout private sleeping space, without you being forced to sit in the dark too while baby is sleeping. 

Yup, that’s right, the lights can stay on! So, if you are visiting family, bundled into one hotel room, or have your older ones sharing a sleep space with your little one while you’re away, this quick and easy Pod is just what the doctor (and your trusted friends at Moms on Call) ordered! You get the best of both worlds– traveling without having to worry about interrupting the baby’s nap and nighttime routine! Win-win!

We hope you loved this quick review on SlumberPod. one of our favorite products. Check out Moms on Call’s products we love page for all of our recommended essentials for every stage and age. 

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5 Tips to Make Time Zone Travel Easier for Families

5 Tips to Make Time Zone Travel Easier for Families

One of our most common questions this time of year is about traveling to a new time zone and how to manage that without your little one’s schedule getting thrown off. So, we’ve got you covered whether you are traveling for a family gathering, making memories somewhere new, or having a BIG move coming up! Here we will break down our top 5 time zone travel tips to help get you through this and keep your little one’s schedule intact (as much as reality allows). 1. Essential Tip: Be Realistic We recommend sticking with the schedule as much as possible. For a short trip with minimal time change, this is more realistic. 2. Expert Advice: Prepare for Success Begin your day with a VERY rested baby! Try to do the new “normal” routine that you decide on based on the adjusted time zone 2-3 days before traveling. ​ 3. Pro Tips for Travel Day Chances are, naps may be off and baby will be extra stimulated by the travel and everything in between. Use this to your advantage! See Moms on Call’s “Crazy Day” tips and try putting baby to bed early the first night you arrive. Moms on Call parents are used to seeing “C” times in our schedules! This is specifically for these crazy days. If baby oversleeps during travel day, it will be okay! 4. Key to Success: Staying Consistent Try your best to provide a similar sleep environment that baby is used to. Always travel with a LOUD sound machine. We also love traveling with a Slumberpod to recreate a baby’s pitch-black room from home. This is especially when room sharing! (Tip: use code MOC for 5% off your purchase) 5. Embracing the “New Normal” As for the next day, try leaving baby in crib as long as you possibly can. Start the day and try your best to acclimate to the new time zone.  At bedtime, try and stick with the new bedtime Lastly, our confidence is contagious! Stay confident and baby will follow. Remember, these will be memories you will cherish forever…even if there are moments of chaos. Looking for more travel and holiday tips from the Moms? Head over to our Knowledge Center for related blog posts, including; Sanity Savers, Holiday Safety, Traveling Packing Lists, Flying with a Baby, and more!
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5 Tips for Families Who Room Share

5 Tips for Families Who Room Share

We know there are many families who room share with their little ones. Whether it’s by choice, due to space constraints, or necessitated for various reasons. We are honored to help families in all circumstances get the sleep they deserve! So, we’ve curated a list of our top tips for those who room share. We are covering safety, implementing healthy sleep habits, and so much more. Here are some tips for families with shared spaces to get you all the zZz! Tips for Families Who Room Share Create a Separate Space We recommend that the baby sleeps in a crib away from your bed. Having some distance between you and your baby will help in the sleep training process, especially if you have some kind of divider so the baby cannot see you. The crib should be less than 5 years old and have a new mattress, a mattress cover,  and a tightly fitting crib sheet.  We recommend a dual-firmness crib mattress like the Sleep & Grow Crib Mattress. It features extra-firm support that infants need on one side and less firmness on the other side to provide the comfort that toddlers prefer so that it will grow with your baby and their nursery! There should not be any pillows, stuffed animals, loose blankets, and interactive toys (including mobiles) in or near the crib. The crib should be free of all stimulation. That cute mobile can be hung over the dresser, and the perfectly chosen pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets can be placed on the floor or in a decorative basket.  SlumberPod is the first portable, private sleep nook that allows babies to sleep in their safe and familiar playard, mini crib, or toddler air mattress with room to sit up or stand up inside. (use code MOC for 5% off your purchase) Routine Follow along with Moms on Call’s ‘Typical Day’ schedules located in the Moms on Call Books and Scheduler App. Keeping a consistent routine for babies helps build positive sleep habits. Having a consistent sleep schedule will help babies sleep better and longer and likely make room sharing a bit easier! You may also find it helpful to stagger your and your baby’s bedtimes, giving them time to settle down without being able to hear and smell you! (Which, If you’re breastfeeding, it may be like smelling their favorite kitchen…and who could sleep through that?!) White Noise White noise is reminiscent of the noise babies hear inside the womb. The white noise machine should be kept on all night long and kept 12-24 inches from the head of the crib. Pro tip: White noise machines are not just for babies! They help create a calm and peaceful sleeping environment for adults too! Environment We want this space to emanate sleep. Remove any televisions or other distractions from the room. Babies sleep best in cooler temps! The room should be kept at a cool 68-72ºF. You can find more tips for creating the ideal sleep environment here. Swaddle Well If you are looking for a sleep miracle, this is it! When done correctly, the Moms On Call Swaddle Technique will calm and soothe a fussy baby within minutes. The Moms On Call Swaddle Blanket was specifically designed with flannel fabric to provide exactly the right amount of elasticity. Swaddling is recommended for babies under 12 weeks and 12 lbs. For babies 3 months and up, check out the Moms on Call sleep guidelines in our Books and Online Courses. You’re already a great parent! We are here to help support you and your little one! Visit the Moms on Call Shop to view all of our resources. Our resources will help you to sleep, feed, laugh, and love birth through toddlerhood! Connect with one of our Certified Moms on Call Consultants for personalized support!
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