At Moms On Call; we know babies and we know reflux. We know that meds alone will not take away the symptoms of reflux.

At Moms On Call; we know babies and we know reflux.

We know that meds alone will not take away the symptoms of reflux.

We know that following these simple suggestions will help you and your newborn:

  1. Follow the recommendations and medications given by your pediatrician that come with the diagnosis of reflux. Remember that many babies have “reflux”. However, there are different degrees ranging from mild to severe.
  2. Try to keep at least 2 ½-3 hours between feedings. This allows the digestive system to rest and reset (to be ready for more food).
  3. Whether nursing or using bottles, keep the feedings to a maximum of 30 minutes. Healthy babies are capable of getting what they need in 30 minutess. This will help with the normal rhythm of the gastrointestinal tract. (Bulk feeding, digest, rest, reset)
  4. When nursing, make sure to empty the first breast completely. Then offer the second breast as dessert. Do not force the second breast. When using bottles, make sure to use the old-fashioned shaped nipple. Here at Moms On Call, we have found that the shape of these nipples (used in every hospital coast to coast) are very effective in reducing reflux symptoms, helping with difficult feeders and reducing gas in infants.
  5. Do not spend half of the feeding time on burping. It will come out the attic or the basement. Some babies are great burpers and others are not – it’s most often design, not method, that makes good burpers. Because the initial suck produces the most gas, pulling off too often to burp can actually cause more gas.
  6. After a feeding it is helpful to have that little one sit upright on your lap, over your shoulder or in a bouncy seat for 10-20 minutes, when possible, because here at Moms On Call, we know that every day and every feeding may be different.
  7. We know that setting up a routine, like the Moms On Call method, found in the Moms On Call Basic Baby Care Book or Scheduler App is essential in helping to reduce reflux symptoms. It not only gives you a plan but that precious little one begins to know what to expect and what time each day too. The routine allows ample time for the digestive system to reset itself, allows the proper amount of sleep between feedings, and begins a pattern that sets these little ones up for success.

At Moms On Call, we are dedicated to giving you the information that you need, when you need it.

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