Nail Clipping 101

We can’t keep those cute little fingers locked up in baby mittens forever. We know how scary clipping baby’s nails can be and we are here to help! Keep reading for Moms on Call’s nail clipping 101.

Written by Moms on Call

Moms on Call is excited to walk you through all of the ins and outs of parenting birth through toddlerhood. Today we discuss nail clipping, and although newborn nails may be tiny, they are fierce! 

Bath time has ended, and it’s a great time to clip baby’s nails. Let’s get real, we can’t keep those cute little fingers locked up in baby mittens forever. At Moms on Call we know how scary trimming their tiny nails can be and we are here to help! 

Tips for clipping nails:

  • Use nail clippers with a grip at the end 
    • This will help you hold on to the clippers easily
  • Baby’s back is against your chest 
  • Gently place baby’s finger on your index finger 
    • Pull the skin under the nail away from the nail 
  • Gently guide the edge of the nail clipper under the nail 
    • This will create a white line on the nail, making it easy to see where we are clipping
  • Clipping 
    • It may take a few clips per nail. Be patient and stay calm.
  • Baby may be wiggly, making nail clipping difficult 
    • Put it on hold and try again later. You don’t have to clip all 10 fingernails in the same sitting!
    • Other great times for nail clipping are after they have eaten or when they are asleep.

Watch our Baby Basics video for a demonstration of proper nail clipping!

MOC Basics: Proper Nail Clipping from Moms On Call on Vimeo.

Remember, these moments are great bonding experiences with baby. These are the times to talk with baby about your day and, if we’ve been away from them, how we have missed them.

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