Letter of Love to my First Born

Moms on Call team member, Olivia Pinheiro, shares a letter of love to her first born. Reminiscing in moments of love, laughter, and growth as a family while reminding our little ones that our love expands.

Before you, I couldn’t imagine the way your presence would change the way I loved.

From the first moment, my heart grew ten times over just staring at you. I have watched you grow from that very first moment to the child you are now. At 8 years old, you are counting down the minutes to middle school and years of preteen. And you often can’t remember the moments that were just you and I. From rolling over, standing up, your first steps, and the silly things in-between. Like your first crawl, which was backwards. 

Before you became a big brother, you had all our attention. We never imagined loving anyone as equally as you. You have taught me to be a mother, and daddy to be a father. You are the first grandchild on either side. My son, my sweet son, who still loves to snuggle (I hope you never give this up!), although not too keen on hugs, even from mom. As you grew older, our family grew too. So did the love. 

There are days you don’t see it and stomp off, grunting. But remember, my love for you grows each and every day, I love you more than yesterday, and tomorrow a little bit more. Now we giggle and say you are always my first baby, sneak in a snuggle, and flip through pictures of when you were and the moments we’ve captured as you grew. You are the best big brother. Stepped right into the role, with ease. And when there are days you need more than usual, I am still here, just a little busy running after another. 

This letter of love is my note to you, I am here, I promise to always be here, and YOU have made me the mother I am. 

– Mom

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