How to Calm A Crying Baby with Candice Smith

Candice Smith takes us through how to calm a crying baby in 4 simple steps, with the “hold”.

Written by Candice Smith

Ever wonder how to calm a crying baby?

Candice Smith, Moms on Call certified consultant, Mother & Baby nurse, momma and owner of Blissful Babies & beyond, walks us through how to calm a crying baby with “the hold”.  

As a Mother-Baby nurse, infants are often very fussy, particularly in the evening time during the “witching hour.” 

In order to successfully complete an assessment while working in the hospital, I adopted a technique called “the hold,” by Pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton. This technique is so amazing and it works every time. I often have patients and clients ask me to teach them this technique because it calms even the fussiest babies. It has been so beneficial to me that I would like to break it down and share it with you!

*It is important to note that this technique is used from newborn-3 months to ensure safety.*

Step 1

The first step is to hold baby’s right arm, and then cross baby’s left arm over the chest.

Step 2

Secondly, gently secure baby’s arms and hands with your non-dominant hand.

Step 3

Take your dominant hand and grasp the diaper area in between the legs to ensure that baby is safe and secure.

Step 4

Lastly, we will hold the baby forward at a 45-degree angle so that they cannot throw their head back. Once baby is in this position, gently rock them up and down and enjoy watching your baby go from fussing to happy and content.

Click here for a demo from Dr. Hamilton himself!

This tried and true technique is simple and soothes baby in a breeze. For more Moms on Call soothing techniques, including the classic baby Ferris Wheel, check out Moms on Call’s Basics Videos.

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