Help My Baby Fall Asleep | Three Fail-Proof Tips

For all of the new moms out there Googling “Help My Baby Fall Asleep”, we’ve got you covered! Here are three fail-proof tips to help your baby fall (and stay) asleep.

Written by Yani Bryant, Moms on Call certified consultant and owner of Baby Bear Necessities || Photography courtesy of Katrina Barrow Photography

Yani is a devoted wife to Ryan and Mama of baby girl, Lena, born August 2017. She has loved being a registered nurse for seven years where she experienced working with babies, children, and adults. This experience afforded her the chance to work closely with patients and their families educating and encouraging them during an uncertain time in their lives.

One of Yani’s greatest joys as a nurse and Moms on Call consultant is the opportunity to build and foster relationships with families. Yani’s desire is to support parents in their journey to become confident and well rested in the midst of the chaos. She remembers what it was like to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. But she also remembers how encouraged she felt after reading Moms on Call and seeing it work so beautifully first hand with her own baby. Whether it’s showing you how to achieve the perfect swaddle or providing reassurance when nothing seems to be going “right,” Yani wants to walk alongside you.  For more information on the personalized, one-on-one services that Yani offers, including in-home or virtual consultations, please visit or reach out on Instagram

Help My Baby Fall Asleep

If you found this article you are probably a brand new mom rocking in your glider Googling “Help My Baby Fall Asleep”.  As a Moms on Call consultant and mother, I know first hand how navigating those first months as a new parent can be a little daunting and a lot exhausting. To help you through the time, I have compiled a few practical tips to help set your baby up for restful sleep.

Tight Swaddle

A tight swaddle for babies under three months of age is a crucial component to setting your baby up for their best sleep. A swaddle that is done correctly will prevent your precious baby from startling themselves awake inadvertently due to their startle (Moro) reflex. And yes, this even applies to babies that “like to sleep with their hands by their face.” With their arms securely down by their sides, they can feel as safe and snug as they did in the womb. 

Sound Machine

The right sound machine can drastically improve a baby’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. White noise that is turned on for naps and nighttime helps their brains get into deep REM sleep. It should be placed approximately two feet away from the head of the crib and level with the mattress. While there are countless sound machines available on the market, a lot of them simply are not loud enough. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you are able to hear the white noise through the closed nursery door, it passes the loudness test!


Babies learn by routine and association. By implementing the principles above consistently, you are helping your baby learn when to sleep. They will begin to associate the swaddle and sound machine with sleep time. Additionally, set nap times and a predictable bedtime routine are also important in establishing healthy sleep habits. Getting proper rest is not only necessary to your baby’s development but also beneficial for the entire family…parents need rest too!

For more tips on creating an ideal sleep environment for your baby, check out Moms on Call’s Baby Basics videos.  The Baby Basics videos are just a glimpse of what you will find in Moms on Call’s Online Video Courses and books which are designed to work together to guide you through every stage from birth to toddlerhood with confidence. For personalized, one-on-one support in implementing the Moms on Call methods, reach out to partner with a Moms on Call Consultant who will be excited and honored to be part of you and your family’s journey.

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