We’re taking the opportunity to answer more of your questions in this episode! Listen as Jennifer and Laura tackle 9 of your top questions.

We’re taking the opportunity to answer even more of your questions in this episode! Here is what Jennifer and Laura have for you:

  • Daycare drop-off and pick-up for my toddler is right in the middle of my 8 month old’s nap times. What should we do?
  • Can I get your books on Audible so that I can listen in the car?
  • Does Moms on Call work for babies with reflux?
  • What if my baby poops in the bathtub?
  • My twins just started daycare and seem hungry when they get home at 5:30pm. What should I do to make sure they still get a full feeding at bedtime so they sleep a longer stretch at night?
  • When my 7 week old wakes at 5am for a feed, how do we handle the rest of the day’s schedule?
  • When can I expect my baby to sleep through the night?
  • If my baby is 5 months old, should I get the 0-6 month book or the 6-15 month book?
  • I’m watching my grandson during the days and he won’t take a bottle. What can we do?

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Resources mentioned on the show:

MOC Scheduler App

0-6 Month Book & Online Course

Toddler Book

Toddler Online Course (including the famous Toddler Seminar)

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