This episode includes a fun twist on determining your parenting style (that may make you a little hungry) and why the two year sleep “regression” is actually a good thing! Plus, answers to your questions.

In this episode, we’re going to make you laugh, give you some advice and leave you with a smile. Here’s what you’ll find in today’s episode:

  • What happens at the 2 year mark that feels like a sleep regression, but is actually a developmental PROgression?
  • A fun twist on defining different parenting styles that may make you a little hungry.
  • What K-I-N-D means to us.

Your calls: What are some things I can do to ease my baby’s transition to a new schedule? How can we get back on track with our night time routine? What are the best ways to include my partner during the newborn days so that we feel like a team?

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