Energetic Toddler

Get ready to add some after dinner F-U-N into your schedule that will help your toddler get rid of all that pent up energy before bedtime!

If your toddler is anything like mine, no matter how much outdoor time we get, the energy does not stop! When all of this energy gets pent-up during the day, it can creep its way into nighttime and begin to interrupt sleep. Ummm….no thanks!!

Moms on Call is here to bring this interruption to a halt and get our nighttime back on track! 

We have put together a list of after-dinner activities that get your toddler moving and, let’s be real, keep your toddler busy long enough for you to finish the dishes. (That is if you haven’t already resorted to paper plates and plastic silverware!) 

  • Dance Party!!
    • Okay, for this one, we drop the dishes and join in! Put on some music and let them dance!! 
    • AND If we’re really tired, we can just wiggle a limb here and there to keep the momentum going.
  • Laundry Basket Relay
    • This is not only fun but also efficient! 
      • Place your laundry basket across the room and have a race to see who can bring you something to fold as you sit on the couch/bed and get this chore done… AS A FAMILY! 
      • Picking a specific color or article of clothing makes this even more fun! 
  • Olympic Charades
    • Create a 2FT by 2FT square. (Painter’s tape for the WIN!)
    • See how long you can make your littles believe that you are… rowing, running track, ice skating, high jumping, etc.
      • Before you know it, they will be joining in or asking for their turn in the square. 
    • Add a timer to make it competitive yet fun!
  • Work Out Madness
    • Create OR copy floor exercises that involve your toddler. 
    • Stretch and make faces at one another to see who cracks first! (I can already hear the giggles.) 
      • Switch up the exercises and see who can keep a straight face the longest.
  • Play Chase & Hide and Seek
    • Jump back into childhood with these household staples.
      • We can play at any age! 
    • Create a game within the game. While seeking, add in “I SPY” — “I SPY with my little eye something blue, could that be a shirt?? Have I FOUND YOU!?”

Although not ALL of these activities gave us the break we so intended, did we not just jump back into childhood at the thought? The most cherished part of parenting is enjoying each and every moment of childhood, even the wild ones. So, whether we tell our little to hide while we wash one last dish or jump in for a little workout at the end of the day, we are ALL in this together. Parenting is hard, let’s at least have fun while we’re at it! 

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