Back to School or Not, We See You

To the parents heading back into work and to the ones at home figuring out this new way of living, we see you! Back to school or not, Moms on Call has some quick tips to help get you and your little one through the day.

Back to school season is upon us! However, with the recent uptick in Covid cases, this back to school season may look a little different than years’ past and carry a lot of uncertainty around how our little ones will be returning to school.

There are days that feel like everything is back to normal and some that feel like we’ve taken a few steps back.

We are parenting in times where some kids are back to school, and some are not. Whether your little is in daycare, preschool, primary, in person or digital, we SEE YOU, and we stand by you! For over a year we’ve found ourselves navigating these hard decisions. And now, as we navigate what this looks like for a new school year, know that you are not alone!

We support your decisions and your struggle. You are doing great! You are killing this parenting thing! Getting your kids up and ready for this new day, joining them in this journey at home or cheering them on from the sidelines of drop off line, we see you.

Our kids are strong and resilient, and they have waltzed into this new style of learning. Whether they are masking up, or signing on. There will still be days when we want to pull our hair out, and days that are full of laughter. That’s just parenting! What matters most is that we are all in this together!

Here at Moms on Call, we support ALL parents. So, pat yourself on the back, have an extra cup of coffee (or at least a hot one! HA) and give yourself a break!

Here are some quick tips to getting through the day, no matter what your day looks like!

  • Plan a routine and stay consistent (as much as we can)
    • Whether we are heading back to school and work or doing it from home, with a schedule in place, our days can feel a bit more put together. Check out our typical days, in our books for birth-4 years old.
    • With older kids, set a schedule that works best with their school day and any after school activity (including set outdoor times!)
    • LET THE ENERGY FLOW. Getting out some energy can relieve any cooped-up feelings for our little ones.
  • Prioritize your well being!
    • Part of keeping healthy is taking care of you and your well-being.
    • So, if your days are full of running here to there, getting kiddos dropped off and off to work you go, set aside time for just you! Maybe it’s 15 minutes of a quiet coffee or painting your nails on break in your car.
    • If you’re busy running from one end of the house to the other or sitting with your child to understand the lesson, spend an extra ten minutes in the bath after bedtime or wake up early for an early morning sit on the porch!

You are doing great, and we are right here with you! We see you!

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Jennifer and Laura

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