Written by Moms on Call || Photography courtesy of Paige Molina Photography (@paigemolinaphoto)

In this epidemic the world is facing, as parents, we are expected to stay calm and focus on what is really important — continuing to raise happy, healthy children. 

Stress and anxiety can sometimes overwhelm our hearts and startle our minds, making it difficult to be clear and calm while raising our little ones — which is so important. 

Give yourself a break with these tips on managing stress and anxiety.

Parent out of truth, not fear!  

The truth is that you’ve got this.

Establish a daily schedule. 

We’ve got you! Moms on Call’s resources feature Typical Day schedules for the first four years!

Take a moment for yourself. 

Establish visiting rules, within reason, for your newborns and young children.  

Allow trusted, healthy family members in so that you can also have a break.

Set aside time to sit and play with your baby.  

Quiet your mind and enjoy these moments!

Live in the moment! 

Focus on the immediate need — taking care of yourself and your family.  This is what we can control! Try not to dwell on the things that are out of your control right now.

Know when to ask for help.  

Speak with your spouse, family members and friends when you are in need of help OR just need another adult to talk to about the stress you are having. Talking it out can relieve your heart!

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