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Bring Out Your Child’s Best Behavior…

Simple – Confident – Support – How do we communicate that they can do what we are asking them to do? We’ll tell you how and even provide cheat sheets! Learn why kids misbehave and why you think that what you are doing now is not “working”. Enjoy learning actual things to say to your children that will motivate them to want to behave.

We will help you figure out how to deal with:

  • Getting Rid of the Pacifier
  • The “No” Stage
  • Whining
  • Tantrums
  • Hitting/Biting
  • Putting on jacket/shoes
  • Going to the Grocery Store
  • Holding hands across the street
  • Getting Into the Carseat
  • Riding in the carseat
  • Potty Training
  • Bringing home baby/sibling

Moms on Call: Toddlers - 15 Months to 4 Years

Other books may offer solutions – we offer support! Humorous – real life advice in the form of books, Live Toddler Seminars and personalized consultations.


Free Toddler Tip Videos

Infant care is easier to learn when you can see how it is done. Let two pediatric nurses show you everything from our famous swaddling technique that calms and soothes fussy babies to how to give a baby a relaxing bath.

These videos are free to watch and will help you provide the best care for your baby!


Personal Consultation

Want even more support? We offer personalized infant and toddler care consultations by phone, email and in person (in select areas). Our team of Personal Care Consultants will help you through the rough times!

Infant and Toddler Care Consulting helps parents partner with experienced professionals to successfully navigate the challenges of life with babies and/or toddlers without feeling exhausted or totally overwhelmed.