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Getting a baby on a schedule that promotes great sleep and improves the feeding experience is our specialty.


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2. Contact us by email to schedule a personal consultation. You cannot ask a book a question, but you can set up a phone or in-home consultation and partner with a Moms on Call trained independent consultant who can answer all of your questions and personalize your sleep and schedule plan


I'm a Believer

I’m a believer!!! Everyone in our twins group said it would work, but I still had my doubts. Isaac and Talluluh both slept until 2:30am and 3am the FIRST two nights on the new schedule! My parents both witnessed the change in them and are also amazed. Grandma and grandpa left this morning, and, rather than feeling completely unprepared/scared, I feel like we can actually do this on our own. Thank you for giving us the tools and confidence to be good parents. We’ve already starting reading to them at night, and I swear they are listening! It’s the best feeling. Amazing.

Merci beaucoup!


We are the envy of all new parents

All is well with the babies and no one believes that they sleep 10-11 hours a night! We’re the envy of all new parents. A friend came to visit from Kansas this weekend and she returned to brag to her friends about how our babies are so well behaved. Her friend, who has an infant, asked for my secret.

Nelly A.

Absolutely Priceless

As a customer of Moms On Call, I can tell you what they teach literally saves marriages and helps make loving, happy families. My husband and I had our first child, Sophia in August 2004. We were the typical clueless new parents. After 3-4 weeks of extreme exhaustion, frustration and despair we called Moms on Call to come to our home and provide a private consultation. In a 2-3 hour period she taught us more about how to listen to and soothe our baby than any book or other seminar had even come close to providing. From that point on, using the tools Laura provided us with, we were able to provide Sophia with a loving, in tune environment that let her get the comfort she needed, while allowing us to truly start enjoying her and our new family. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!!

This week has been remarkably better

This week has been remarkably better.  The boys are really adjusting to the schedule and have been so much happier babies.  Also, I can understand their cues and cries so much easier.  My level of anxiety and frustration has diminished two-fold. I wanted to let you know that I went to a physical therapy appointment for Nicholas today and she had me swaddle Nicholas to show a few stretches to me and he immediately calmed down and was able to work with.She was amazed at how quickly the swaddling and up and down soothing technique worked.  I told her about you guys and she asked that I bring in the fliers next week.  I didn’t think to bring them in today as the appointment was at 7:30 am!!  I told her how wonderful the consultation went and how the scheduling, swaddling and soothing techniques were a lifesaver.  She told me that she has many parents of multiples that come in for therapy and she would love to help spread the word!  I was really excited and I am hopeful that she will spread the word to her patients. Thank you guys again!!!!!!!!!!  Have a wonderful week and weekend!

Joanna H.

I wanted to tell you how very helpful your book(s) Moms on Call has been

I wanted to tell you how very helpful your book(s),Moms on Call, has been to me.  Out of all the books I have read on child care/development, yours has been my favorite.  I first learned of your book while listening to you on the Christian radio program, Family Life Today, back in the spring of 2008.  God had a wonderful way of preparing me for motherhood.  I bought your book in the hopes of being able to use it in the near future.  My husband and I were in the process of adopting, and I wanted to be ready when our very first baby arrived.  We were quite shocked when we learned there was a baby waiting for us at the hospital just a few months after that program aired.  We had only waited 1 week! We were told the wait could be 1-2 years.  God knew I would need this book in my hands at that perfect time.

I remember watching the swaddling video for the first time and trying the technique on Ava’s stuffed animal.  Next, I tried it on her.  As I’m listening to you say, “it works, it really works!”, I had Ava swaddled up and she immediately stopped crying.  I cried out, “yes, it does work”! I was so excited! We have been following your schedules and most importantly, your bedtime routine.  Ava was very colicky the first 4 months, however the one constant I could ALWAYS count on was a peaceful nights sleep for all of us! Your sleep schedule worked like a charm…every single night.  She has been sleeping steadily through out the night since she was about 8 weeks old.  I think she has been sleeping 11-12 hours since she was just a few months old; it has been so long, I can’t remember.  She is now 14 months.  She has always slept straight through the night too.  Friends and family are amazed when we go to their homes, or they are at ours, and we do bath, bottle and bedtime and she goes right down at 7:30 w/o a peep.  It doesn’t matter if we are traveling and she is in a foreign environment, or if she is at Grandma’s or here at home, she is so good about going right down.  I come out of the room and people say to me, “that’s it?  is she sleeping already?  she doesn’t cry”?  I have learned just how important sleep is for a baby.  I am just so thankful that my baby girl sleeps so peacefully at night (and naps!).  We get comments all the time about what a happy baby she is.  I think part of it is that her daddy and I pray over her every night and ask God to give her a happy heart and also b/c she is so well rested.  Thank you for your help! It has done wonders in our household.  Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge w/mothers like me.

Sincerely, Nannette

I bought your book last night in sheer desperation

Hi There,

I bought your book last week in sheer desperation. I have a 4 month old daughter who was sleeping for shorter and shorter stretches until she began waking up to nurse every 45 minutes!!!!!!! I am a Montessori preschool teacher, have a 3 year old and have read TONS of parenting and baby books. I breastfeed, baby-wear, and cloth diaper my daughter. I consider myself pretty well educated on parenting issues. I am not a believer in cry it out at all, but decided I would try your 5 minute approach. I had been co-sleeping (using the arm’s reach co-sleeper) with Isla since she came home from the hospital. This was fine at first but soon neither of us were getting much sleep. I am so glad I moved her to her crib and we can both sleep better. The first night following your plan, she only woke up twice, at 2 am and at 5 am. I was shocked. She put herself back to sleep at 2 and I nursed her at 5 because I was so uncomfortable. Then she went back to sleep until 8:30! The next night, and all the following nights she has been sleeping without a peep from 8pm until about 7am. I am so happy I can function again and enjoy my baby and the rest of the family, instead of being grumpy and tired. (Not to mention sore from all night nursing) I have been telling everyone about your book and I will definitely recommend it to my friends with babies!

Thank you so much,


He is the happiest little guy

He is the happiest little guy – he’s 5 months now and he’s rolling all over the place, LOVING his baby food, he cut two teeth last week (completely without incident), and he’s STILL SLEEPING LIKE A CHAMP, of course! He goes down about 8:00 each night and sleeps until at least 8:00 every morning – and sometimes pushes 9:00. My favorite part is that when he wakes up in the morning he doesn’t make a peep. We’ll go in to check on him at about 8:00 and he is wide awake, smiling like crazy, rolling all over the place, having a great time – it’s so cute. AND, he naps like crazy during the day too! We couldn’t be happier!

Sarah K.

I have to say, I've gone from skeptic to supporter

I have to say, I’ve gone from skeptic to supporter. I didn’t think your method would work and feared I’d end up with a miserable, neurotic child and myself depressed and guilt-ridden. We started your method Thursday night and as you had assured me, Kayla is sleeping in her crib by herself and sleeping through the night! Praise God!! I’m still waking up every couple of hours to check on her but I’m sure that will get better. She’s still catnapping during the day (45 minutes is the longest nap she’s taking) but with 12 hours at night, who am I to complain?! Thank you again for your patience and encouragement. I couldn’t have made it through the toughest moments without your support. I will happily recommend your book to all of my friends who are expecting!

Malyssa M.

I cannot express my gratitude

I cannot express my gratitude, you both are such a blessing to sleep deprived babies and parents everywhere.  I think every woman that is having a baby needs to know about Moms On Call, it has transformed everything and finally I’m enjoying my little girl!!Thank You, Thank You!

Marie F

But Glory, It worked!

I recently spent two days babysitting for our 5-month old granddaughter while mama was out of town and daddy was at work. Papa was supposed to come help, but had a bum knee, so I was to go it alone… after 20-plus years of not caring for a little one. We live out of town, so our visits are usually very brief, and here I was on a two-day assignment. But not to fear… our son presented me with “THE SCHEDULE”. Oh, my mercy, I knew there was no way I could do what mama does!! But GLORY, it worked!! Our little one survived unharmed, and I had a ball!! So, I was passing on the information about your website to a friend for her son’s family and logged on just to check it out. Though I was convinced of your methods before, tears came to my eyes when I read that they are part of a Master plan and your goal is to honor him. Hopefully my friend’s son’s family, that is apparently in a total state of chaos, will learn more than how to swaddle, but will hopefully vicariously meet the One-Who-Was-Swaddled. Many older people these days think the “younger generation” is an upwardly mobile society motivated by money and where children are reared by nannies and day care. They do not know the likes of you, my son and daughter-in-law and their friends, and the millions of other young parents who are seeking God’s will for their families and making a real difference in this world.

Blessings, Flo D

Y'all are 'all the craze'...

Y’all are all the craze in “soon to be” mommy world.

Kenan A.