Top 5 reasons Moms on Call loves slumberpod

The Top 5 Reasons Moms on Call Loves SlumberPod and Where to Use It! 

Today we are talking about SlumberPod, (use code MOC for 5% off your purchase) a privacy pod for traveling with babies and toddlers that offers a blackout sleeping space with safety in mind. So prepare to be hooked if you haven’t heard of SlumberPod and didn’t catch it on Shark Tank. Let's talk about our top 5 reasons Moms on Call loves SlumberPod!

Top 5 reasons Moms on Call loves SlumberPod

  1. It creates a room within a room. Genius, right?! Here are just some of the scenarios that make it a game-changer.
    • Room sharing at home
    • Visiting family and there’s only one guest room
    • Sharing a hotel room without a quiet dark place for the baby to sleep
  2. It’s portable, lightweight, and compact.
    • Easily fits inside carry-on luggage and weighs only 5lbs
    • Comes with its own travel bag
  3. It’s quick and easy to set up (and take down).
    • No engineering degree is required. Check out this video to see just how easy it is!
  4. It’s made of breathable fabric, with four ventilation panels for additional airflow.
    • Adjustable zipper openings will allow as much or as little light as baby prefers.
  5. It is spacious enough for your littlest babe to toddler age.
    • Tall enough for most three-year-olds to stand up inside of!
    • Fits over playards, mini cribs, toddler cots and kid’s inflatable mattresses.

Let's talk about our #1 reason and see where and when it's used.

Whether space doesn’t provide for an additional room, or you're just not ready to move baby to that beautiful nursery, you’ve crafted for them quite yet; the SlumberPod is the perfect way to create that ideal sleep environment by giving baby a blackout private sleeping space, without you being forced to sit in the dark too while baby is sleeping.

Yup, that’s right, the lights can stay on! So, if you are visiting family, bundled into one hotel room, or have your older ones sharing a sleep space with your little one while you’re away, this quick and easy Pod is just what the doctor (and your trusted friends at Moms on Call) ordered! You get the best of both worlds-- traveling without having to worry about interrupting the baby’s nap and nighttime routine! Win-win!

We hope you loved this quick review on SlumberPod. one of our favorite products. Check out Moms on Call’s products we love page for all of our recommended essentials for every stage and age.

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