Naps on the Go

When we're out and about with baby, what's Moms on Call's general rule of thumb for hitting our nap and staying on schedule?

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So, what to do when you return from running errands and it’s close to nap time (or nap time has already begun)?

  • If you get home and there is more than half the nap left, then put baby down for their nap (feel free to take one yourself too)!
  • If there is less then half the nap left, hang out, snuggle and get as close to the next feed time as possible!

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Answers to your questions about naps on the go

  • What happens if they are SO tired and can't "make it" to nap time?
    • They can doze on and off if needed, just don't let them get too cozy for too long. Usually we can move them. Distraction is key! (Try and move every 10-20 minutes if they doze.)
  • What if they fall asleep in the car? Do you still want them to sleep more?
    • Yes! If more than half the nap left, follow nap per MOC routine. If less than half the nap is left, we can push to next feed time.
  • Can they nap in their stroller or carrier if nap happens while we are out?
  • My 8 week old is so tired after her feeds, she can't make it the full hour and a half until nap. Can I put her down for nap sooner?
    • Remember, they can doze before nap, we just don't let them get too cozy for too long! Check that 15 minute grace period on either side of the schedule for getting to nap a few minutes sooner.
  • How long are naps for a 5 month old baby?
    • At this age, we get one 1-1.5 hour nap in the morning and then a nap of about 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon.
      • Keep in mind, normal nap sleep cycles are 30-45 minutes. They will then toss and turn for 20 minutes before dozing again.
      • At this age, we can stay out at nap time, and let little one find that comfy spot and get back to sleep on their own!

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