Pool bag essentials

Moms on Call Pool Bag Essentials: A Must-Have List for Your Next Outing

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than a day at the pool with your little ones. However, packing for a pool outing can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you have little ones in tow. Don’t worry, though! Our Moms on Call consultants put together a list of pool bag essentials to make your next pool outing a breeze.

Pool Bag Essentials


Our go-to bag for pool outings is the BOGG BAG. This waterproof, durable bag is not only easy to clean, but it also comes with a clear bag insert to keep any items you prefer to keep dry. It’s perfect for throwing in all your pool essentials, including towels, sunscreen, and snacks. One of our Moms on Call consultants, Morgan Sewell, BSN, RNC-OB, EFM, even called it "the best bag ever invented."

Stroller Fan

If you have a little one who gets easily overheated, this stroller fan is a must-have. Its flexible tripod grip makes it easy to attach to strollers, wagons, or any other surface. It’s also rechargeable and holds an 8-hour charge, meaning it'll keep your little one cool all day long.

Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper

Swim diapers are a vital item when it comes to pool outings with little ones. Reusable swim diapers are perfect for any parent looking for a swim diaper that won't leak. These machine-washable, pull-on diapers offer breathable, absorbent, UPF 50+ sun protection, and waterproof features, ensuring a great pool experience for your little one. According to our Moms on Call consultant, Rebecca Davis, RN, MSN, "Th​​e disposable ones still let solids leak. These DON'T! A must for avoiding embarrassing situations."

Refillable Sunscreen Applicators

When it comes to sunscreen, we know it can be difficult to get little ones to cooperate. That’s why we recommend refillable sunscreen applicators. These handy little tools make applying sunscreen a breeze as the sponge tip helps rub in the lotion. This fun sunscreen applicator is lightweight, fits perfectly in your pool bag, and is perfect for kids of all ages.

Water Blaster Toys

For those kids not so keen on swimming, we recommend these water blasters. These water guns come disguised as pool noodles and offer endless hours of fun, even for the little ones who prefer to sit on the sidelines. The water blaster is easy to use, lightweight, and floats, making it the perfect pool toy for the whole family.

Stack & Pour Buckets

For babies and toddlers who prefer to stay on the stairs, these stack-and-pour buckets are a must-have. These buckets are great for motor skill development and come in five colors, each with a different sprinkle effect. They are also small enough to fit in your pool bag and come in handy when your little one needs a break from the water.

Poolside Playset

Looking for a fun poolside toy that will engage your little ones? This playset is perfect for kids aged three and up. The fillable river, slide, and float will make sure your little one is entertained for hours. Plus, if your baby is an animal lover, this set is sure to charm.

Water Shoes

When it comes to hot, slippery pool decks and safety, water shoes are an absolute must-have. We love these water shoes, as they are designed to stay on little feet, making sure your baby doesn’t slip by the edge of the pool. They are lightweight, slip on and off easily, and come in different colors for both boys and girls. Plus, they are a good investment as they can be used at the beach or when playing in the backyard sprinkler too.

Dry Bag

We love throwing a dry bag or two in our pool bag to keep things (somewhat) organized and dry! Moms on Call Consultant Sierah Hicks, RN, Says, “These are great for putting inside your bag for sunscreen, sunglasses, you name it!”

Now that you have our Moms on Call consultants’ top pool bag essentials list make sure to pack your bag with everything you need for a fun and memorable day out with your baby and/or toddler. Don’t forget the snacks! We hope you make some amazing memories with your family and that this blog helps your day at the pool go swimmingly!

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