Is mom brain real?

Is "Mom Brain" Real?

YES! From exhaustion to the demands of everyday realities

Dear Moms, you know the feeling all too well—the forgetfulness, the foggy thinking, and the occasional lapses in concentration. It's that phenomenon often humorously referred to as "Mom Brain." But let's get real, Mom Brain is no joke. It's a genuine challenge that many of us face daily, and it's time we acknowledge and address it. In this Moms on Call blog, we'll dive into why Mom Brain is indeed real and how you can cope with it amidst the exhaustion and everyday demands of motherhood. **** In fact both parents can have this phenomenon.

Sleep Deprivation and Mom Brain

The undeniable truth is that sleepless nights are a rite of passage for most parents, especially in the early years. Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on cognitive function, memory, and overall mental clarity. So yes, Mom Brain is absolutely real, and sleep (or the lack thereof) plays a starring role.

Moms on Call Tip: Prioritize sleep whenever possible. Enlist the help of a partner or family member to share nighttime responsibilities, allowing you to catch those much-needed ZZZs.

Multitasking Overload

As parents, we're often juggling multiple tasks simultaneously—feeding, diaper changes, school schedules, meal planning, and more can lead to those Mom Brain moments.

Moms on Call Tip: Embrace the power of lists, calendars, and digital apps to help you stay organized. Including the Moms on Call Scheduler App to help keep the routines at your fingertips.

Hormonal Shifts and Emotions

Hormonal fluctuations, particularly during pregnancy and postpartum, can impact cognitive function. It's not just about physical exhaustion; emotional exhaustion is part of the equation, too.

Moms on Call Tip: Prioritize self-care, both physically and emotionally. Talk to your trusted friends and family. Talk about the wonderful, great days and cry about the hard, not-so-great days. If those “baby blues” do not improve, seek help from your doctor.

Constantly Shifting Priorities

Motherhood often demands swift shifts in attention and priorities. One moment, you're dealing with a toddler's tantrum, trying to feed a newborn, and the next moment, you're trying to answer work emails. This constant shifting can leave your brain feeling scattered.

Moms on Call Tip: Create designated "focus time" for work and personal tasks. Minimize distractions during these times, and when it's family time, be fully present with your kids. Prioritizing is key and that order may change from day to day.

Mom Guilt and Self-Expectations

Let's not forget the pressure many moms put on themselves to be perfect. The constant striving for excellence in every aspect of life can lead to mental fatigue, making Mom Brain even more pronounced.

Moms on Call Tip: Give yourself grace. Remove the things that you find are causing you stress or anxiety. Remove the things that make you compare your day to someone else’s “perfect” day. You're doing an incredible job, even on those Mom Brain days.

Mom Brain is indeed real, and it's a collective experience shared by countless mothers worldwide. While it can be frustrating and challenging, understanding its underlying causes and implementing practical strategies can help you manage it effectively. Moms on Call is here to support you on this journey, offering guidance and encouragement every step of the way. Remember, you're an amazing mom, even on your Mom Brain days.

YES, Dads can also have some of the above. Supporting each other, talking about those crazy days and giving each other grace is so important as you navigate this incredible journey of parenthood.

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