Favorite Baby Products 6-12 months

Favorite Baby Products for 6-12 Months

Congrats! You made it to 6 months! At this point, you’re enjoying full nights of sleep, solid foods and watching your little one’s personality develop. You have done a great job of establishing healthy routines and should be feeling confident in your parenting as you watch your baby achieve new developmental milestones!

(If you're still struggling with getting those consistent routines in place, don't worry! Go ahead and order this game changing guide for 6-15 months now. The first order of business is sleep–once you’re all sleeping through the night, all of the other pieces start to fall into place and this book will guide you through it all step-by-step!)

At 6-12 months, you’ve grown past all of the registry must-haves for newborns, so what do you need to have on hand now? Here are a few of my favorite baby products I used the most with my own 3 kids!

Feeding Products

Our five most used feeding items from 6-12 months were:

  • Sippy cups – There are so many options and you will probably have to try a few to figure out which works best. Here are all of our favorites. This is the sippy cup that worked the best consistently with my 3 kids.
  • Highchair – I wanted a highchair that was as easy on the eyes as it was functional.
    • We found that this clip-on highchair worked best with our kitchen’s configuration. It does not take up any floor space, is easy to wash and allows our youngest to eat at the counter with her two older brothers.
    • We also keep this one on hand for when we are eating outside.
    • Our youngest uses this one at our nanny share and if a clip-on highchair didn’t work in our space, this is what I would pick as our primary highchair.
  • Bibs – Yes, I know they will end up with stuff all over them, but bibs should still be cute! We found that the silicone bibs irritated their necks and these are a cinch to wash. Plus, they have long-sleeved options for more protection!
  • Spoons
    • These are my favorite for when you are feeding them.
    • As they start to feed themselves, a shorter handle works better. I love these because they are flat and the texture helps to hold onto food.
    • Check out this reel for a fun way to teach them to feed themselves!

Sit to Stand Walker

There’s a lot going on with this toy, but it’s something that will entertain and grow with your baby! My kids loved the music and different buttons to push once they were able to sit up and face the toy. As they grew, they learned to pull themselves up on it and use it as support to stand. The wheels lock so it doesn’t roll away until they’re ready. And then once they’re ready to start taking some steps, you can adjust the speed of the wheels to slow them down or speed them up. We got this sit to stand walker 6 years ago with our first baby and our third baby is still using it today!


Who doesn't love bubbles?! So simple, but so entertaining. Plus they help with baby's fine motor skills when they try to grab and touch the bubbles. Bubbles are also a fun way for an older sibling to play with baby! We love these bubble guns and bubble machine.

Lovevery Subscription

We were gifted a subscription to Lovevery’s Play Kits and I have been blown away with the quality of the toys and, most importantly, that my youngest actually plays with them! The toys in each Play Kit have been spot on for her age and stage. I also love that the toys are built to last and made with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, nontoxic paint, and baby-safe plastics.

Sound Machine

We’ve gone through a lot of sound machines and this is hands down, without a doubt, the best sound machine on the market. The sound is perfect, it gets loud and it’s built to last. We have replaced all of the sound machines in our house with this one.

For a glance at all of Moms on Call's favorite products (and available promo codes), visit our Products We Love page. We love partnering with you and your family to make birth through toddlerhood to bring you confidence, clarity and better sleep. We hope that these recommendations do just that!

Crib Mattress

Having a dual-firmness crib mattress was important to us! This simply means that the crib mattress has the extra-firm support that infants need on one-side and less firmness on the other side to provide the comfort that toddlers prefer. Other features we looked for were a waterproof cover and eco-friendliness. This mattress is made by one of the leading industry crib mattress manufacturers and checks all of our boxes (and then some)!

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