Snacks, names, flying with your baby, advancing feeding schedules and more. Here is what we have for you on this week’s podcast episode:

  • Something you can try next week to help make the snack process a breeze.
  • The many different ways to pick a baby name.
  • The hilarious way a toddler woke his mom up in the middle of the night.

Your questions: When can we advance to the next Typical Day Schedule? What are your thoughts on a live-in nanny? Is there a way to make flying with a baby easier?

This episode is sponsored by:

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  • Dr. NozeBest: Use offer code MOMSONCALL for $25 off the NozeBot Nasal Aspirator at drnozebest.com.

Resources mentioned on the show:

0-6 Month Basic Baby Care Book + Online Course

Lectrofan Classic Sound Machine

MOC Scheduler App

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