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5 Tips to Make Time Zone Travel Easier for Families

One of our most common questions this time of year is about traveling to a new time zone and how to manage that without your little one's schedule getting thrown off. So, we've got you covered whether you are traveling for a family gathering, making memories somewhere new, or having a BIG move coming up!

Here we will break down our top 5 time zone travel tips to help get you through this and keep your little one's schedule intact (as much as reality allows).

1. Essential Tip: Be Realistic

  • We recommend sticking with the schedule as much as possible.
    • For a short trip with minimal time change, this is more realistic.

2. Expert Advice: Prepare for Success

  • Begin your day with a VERY rested baby!
    • Try to do the new "normal" routine that you decide on based on the adjusted time zone 2-3 days before traveling. ​

3. Pro Tips for Travel Day

  • Chances are, naps may be off and baby will be extra stimulated by the travel and everything in between.
    • Use this to your advantage!
    • See Moms on Call's "Crazy Day" tips and try putting baby to bed early the first night you arrive.
      • Moms on Call parents are used to seeing “C” times in our schedules! This is specifically for these crazy days.
  • If baby oversleeps during travel day, it will be okay!

4. Key to Success: Staying Consistent

  • Try your best to provide a similar sleep environment that baby is used to.
  • Always travel with a LOUD sound machine.
  • We also love traveling with a Slumberpod to recreate a baby's pitch-black room from home. This is especially when room sharing! (Tip: use code MOC for 5% off your purchase)

5. Embracing the "New Normal"

  • As for the next day, try leaving baby in crib as long as you possibly can.
  • Start the day and try your best to acclimate to the new time zone.
  • At bedtime, try and stick with the new bedtime

Lastly, our confidence is contagious! Stay confident and baby will follow. Remember, these will be memories you will cherish forever...even if there are moments of chaos.

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