Becoming a Moms on Call Consultant

Sharing Our Vision:

We base the majority of our practice on “reality parenting.” Our heart is to meet parents where they are and to help them navigate the intricacies of their lives as parents to the best of their abilities. We desire to support and encourage all types of scenarios, believing in success for the stay-at-home mom, the working mom, the nursing mom, the bottle-feeding mom, etc. We want to join our families in their current season – whatever that may be – and help them find the joy in the journey.

How It Works:

The Moms on Call Training Program© is designed to help prospective consultants become their own business (putting you in control of your own schedule). It is a flexible and rewarding way to utilize your nursing skills. As a part of the Moms on Call Training Program©, we walk you through all of the details – from insurance needs and intake forms, to newborn and toddler care strategies, and of course…certify you in the world renowned Moms on Call™ method.


  1. Show proof of current licensure in good standing as an RN or LPN with a minimum of 2 years of pediatric and/or OB nursing experience
  2. Provide excellent personal references.
  3. Embody confidence and an ability to put others at ease
  4. Pass a rigorous interview process and background check

We are so excited to invite you to take this remarkable and satisfying journey as an infant and toddler care consultant. This is a rewarding profession and will be a wonderful way for you to utilize your nursing skills to touch lives and make a true difference for struggling families.

The only thing missing is your hard work and determination. The Moms on Call principles have been formulated over 14 years and have eased the fears of mother’s hearts, equipped parents to set up sustainable sleep routines and brought order to chaos for thousands of families across the globe. We would love for you join us!

For more information contact

Ashley Glover, Administrative & Marketing Assistant 

[email protected]