Written by Lauren Collins, MOC Consultant and owner of Holding Hearts Consulting

Lauren, a former NICU nurse and one of the senior Moms on Call consultants is dedicated to supporting parents as they establish a strong foundation in parenthood. Her 10 years of training in a hospital setting not only provided her with expertise and experience but also a unique ability to naturally develop trusting relationships with families that extend beyond the first weeks after birth.

Becoming a trained Moms on Call consultant was a natural extension of Lauren’s connections with families. Bringing home a new baby can be overwhelming even for experienced parents. The information, guidance, and encouragement that Lauren personally shares with each family has proven to help parents feel at ease and more confident as they explore their relationship with their new baby.

Tips for bathing your baby and modifications you can make when needed, such as after a c-section 

If you are a mom recovering from a c-section, a mom recovering from a 36 hour long back labor, or even just a mom that has a bad back (like me), then you may not be able to sit next to and stretch over your tub quite yet to bathe your baby. When I had my first baby, it was very natural for me to bathe her on top of my bed using the changing table mattress; I was a NICU nurse and had bathed thousands of babies just like this! Now, fast forward about 14 years, and I am still using this demonstration during in-home visits with my clients. Using a bed or counter will lessen the bending over process, and these tips can be used for the first few weeks or even months until parents are able to put their baby in a tub.

bathing tips

Bathing on an elevated surface (on top of a bed or bathroom/kitchen counter)

  • First, have your water bowl, soap, rag and brush ready.
  • Place an adult-sized bath towel on top of a plastic changing table mattress.
  • From here, simply soak the rag and squeeze the warm water all over baby.
  • Pour soap on your hands and use your hands to soap baby up.
  • Repeat with squeezing water over baby until they are rinsed off.
  • Once body is done, wrap them up in the towel and hold them over the water bowl to do their hair, or move to the sink and do their hair under the faucet. 

Most importantly, while doing the bath this way, do not walk away from the baby!! Safety is priority!

In the sink

The techniques shown in Moms on Call’s bathing video can also be done in your kitchen sink! This is a great way to introduce new, nervous parents to bathing. Once the sink is partially filled, you will still be able to support their neck while their little bottom starts to float! Once parents feel confident with the sink bath, then they can move to the bathroom and use the tub!

I have found that these options build confidence while with giving backs and bottoms a little more time to heal!

For more tips, check out Moms on Call’s Baby Basics videos.  The Baby Basics videos are just a glimpse of what you will find in Moms on Call’s Online Video Courses and books which are designed to work together to guide you through every stage from birth to toddlerhood with confidence. For personalized, one-on-one support in implementing the Moms on Call methods, reach out to partner with a Moms on Call Consultant who will be excited and honored to be part of you and your family’s journey.