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Sleep Matters


Having a baby in the house does not mean you’ll never sleep again. But there are few things you can do for yourself (and for your baby when he/she arrives!) that will positively affect nighttime sleep. Here are our top five tips: 1. Keep a consistent wake time. Did you know that a consistent wake time plays a role in your nighttime hormones? Remaining consistent with both bedtime and wake time will help you achieve those natural bedtime hormone levels. (And these days, ANYTHING to wrangle those hormones, right?! This will help!) 2. Daytime sleep affects nighttime sleep. Of course, we want to ensure that our babies have consistent nap opportunities. But the biggest thing is to not let those naps last too long or too late. Think about it. If you nap too long or too late, do you have trouble going to sleep at night? Of course you do! Sweet babies are no different. Generally, naps should be under two hours and end by 4pm. 3. Light is for shorter stretches of sleep, and darkness is for longer stretches. We want to create a sleep environment that allows our body to know that it is nighttime. Our hormones respond to light, whether it is the sun or artificial light. Keep the room as dark as possible. (Bonus tip: Turn off all electronics 30 minutes before bedtime. NO ONE needs to google “butt rash” at 10 pm anyway. THAT will never make you sleep easier – trust us!) 4. Movement matters. You may not feel like you have tons of extra energy these days. (After all, you ARE growing a human!) But just

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