6-15 Months

Getting a baby on a schedule that promotes great sleep and improves the feeding experience is our specialty.

  • “Great sleep “ to us means 9-12 hours in row. That is what you can expect.
  • Don’t worry, you won’t be so scheduled that you can’t enjoy life, but you also won’t be so flexible that the baby is not sure what is happening next. You just a need a few tools and our famous “typical daily routines”.

Our 6-15 month resource also covers:

  • When and how to transfer to the toddler bed
  • The transition to the sippy cup
  • Weaning
  • Typical daily schedules
  • Feeding schedules
  • Sample menus
  • A grocery list
  • Common Illness (What is it, what to do about it and when to call the doctor!)
  • And much, much more!

Here are the tools that you will need


Pic of :

Book two ADD TO CART

White noise machine which can be purchased at this link? (maybe have the white noise machine in the sidebar and say here “White noise machine sold separately” Than a pic of the white noise machine and a few other items that could take them to Amazon in the sidebar?







Ways to access additional support


  1. Watch the online classes for a step-by-step tutorial LINK TO ONLINE CLASSES PAGE
  2. Contact us by email to schedule a personal consultation. You cannot ask a book a question, but you can set up a phone or in-home consultation and partner with a Moms on Call trained independent consultant who can answer all of  your questions and personalize your sleep and schedule plan _ LINK HERE TO CONSULTANTS PAGE



Laura, It took one night!!!!!! The second and third night he fussed maybe for 5 min. and did not wake until 7:30. He was sleeping for 11 hours!!!! It now has been 5 nights and all is soooooooo good.” Thank you so much for coming here yesterday and instilling some confidence in my husband and I, and making our daughter seem a happier baby already. She looked so happy when we went to get her at 7:30 this morning. We bragged to our friends last night that are expecting a baby in 3 weeks, so be sure to expect a call from them!”

“I feel like we have given our daughter a gift by instituting your teachings. To be able to put her down and have her fall peacefully asleep is a forever treat for her. Before I ever thought of having children I said that God gave us sleep as a gift. What is better than lying down in a snuggly bed and just shutting off for hours? Phoebe is doing great. She even slept over at her grandmother’s house (who followed our schedule to a T) and she didn’t miss a beat. Thank you for all of your guidance.

Jennifer, thank you so much for all that you have done for me. It has been so helpful to have another mom as a sounding board. You have saved me some sleepless nights, and I really appreciate it. Julie W.

Just sent a note to my new mom’s group and about 15 other friends. Hope you get more devotees – I can’t say enough good things about you and your approach. It is the bit of sanity I needed! I love your clear, no-nonsense and no-guilt approach! Annette P.

I have raved about your book, DVD, and techniques to everyone I know. I have a few friends that are pregnant right now, including my charge nurse in ICU-Red, and we’re planning to give them YOU as a gift! Thanks for everything, Becky L

Thomas, Michael and Hannah are now 10 months old and seem to be the healthiest, happiest babies around. They are now going to bed by 7:30 PM and sleep until 7:30-8:00 AM EVERY day. They have truly learned how to have a healthy sleep…they know it is nap time or bedtime and go with little or no fussing. If they are not quite ready to sleep, they will entertain themselves and then fall asleep. Tim and I can truly enjoy every minute with them…I am rested and ready to get started for the next day. I am a stay at home mom with no nanny, etc and I am loving every precious minute. Every mom deserves to enjoy their children as much as we are.

I believe in your method so much that I have given your service as a gift to my closest friends. I am getting ready to schedule your consult for another friend.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Alex H.

Thank you for all of your help in getting through the first year – several of my friends have purchased both of your books – they are so easy to read, understand and follow – everything perfect for the first time new mom! Thank you for all you do! Seriously – you got me through the first year – Katie D.

Sleeping..through the night since you left after the first three nights! Jennifer C.

I just got an extra noise machine and took it to “school” where she is a few days a week… she had a great nap there yesterday!!! I wish I’d gotten one for there months ago! Thank you again for that little magic machine! Jennifer F.


Thank you for all of your help. your advice has been a blessing. We tell everyone about you! Dawn C.

Charlie slept through the night the past 5 nights in a row. He didn’t cry or anything, which was nice. -Susan J.

You came to our home to help with our daughter when she was a 4 month old. You are an angel. You’ve also been available to us continuously for additional help with illnesses. Our daughter is going to be 2 in two months, and she might not have made it without your loving guidance. We’ve applied everything we learned from you to our son (6 mos. old). And it seems to be working too. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best Wishes, Emily

Hudson slept through night last night!  Thank you very much!  Praise God! Blessings,Phillip H

It took one night!!!!!! The second and third night he fussed maybe for 5 min. and did not wake until 7:30. He was sleeping for 11 hours!!!! It now has been 5 nights and all is soooooooo good. Where do I begin? I am sure you have heard it before but I will say it again. You and your book have been a life saver! Sherrie S

“It was amazing, Not long after we started, we were able to work the same magic and Trent was a much happier baby” Debra B.

Well, as we knew would be the case, you were absolutely right. We followed your instructions to the letter, and it wasn’t too hard, and it totally worked. She is now sleeping from around 8 to around 6. She wakes sometimes during the night, makes a little noise or fusses for a minute, but then puts herself back to sleep. She now sucks her thumb quite artfully. You truly have a gift. I think we were scared to do the ‘just let her cry it out’ thing, but it really wasn’t that bad, and it took just a few nights. Thank you, thank you! Feel free to use us as an example of parents who were ‘parenting by accident’ and then followed your instructions and discovered the joy of a system that works!

I just wanted to let you know how well it is going with Taylor. She is only crying when we lay her down in her bed and she stop immediately when we shut the door. She is sleeping all night long! Saturday is our only day of the week to sleep in and I got up at 8:00. She was going to bed at 9:00 with me and we are now putting her to bed at 8:30 and she is much easier to get up at 7:00. If I had known it would go this well after only a week I would have done this earlier. Thank you so much for your help! Tracy T

Hi! We are doing so incredibly well. I am so happy I heard about you and your book. This has changed our lives!! He now goes down at night with no fussing AT ALL. It worked in 3 day even though he was spoiled for 8 months first! :o) We’re working on naps now, and it’s going very well. I’m sticking to the schedule and when he starts rubbing his eyes, we go to his room, read a book, I sing a little to him and put him down. He’s taking longer naps and is sleeping through the night. You are a LIFESAVER!!!! I’ll tell everyone I know about your books! Pam P.

You are providing an amazing service and I sincerely thank you for all the time you have spent answering all of my questions. I will purchase book 2 ASAP and if it helps me half as much as the first book did I know I will be pleased. Abby


When we go into her room in the morning she is not screaming anymore. She is so pleasant & just smiles at us. If she has been awake she is just cooing and kicking her legs. Maybe a small noise here and there to let us know she is awake. THANKYOU! After 3 months of no sleep it is hard to function and take care of her and everything else during the day. Once again, thank you and I have given your name out and website to people either with a baby or one on the way. Karen K.

Hudson slept through night last night!  Thank you very much!  Praise God! Blessings,Phillip H


I wanted to let you know that since we’ve been working the schedule we have NOT had to give Noah any prescription medication. He occasionally (maybe twice a day) gets OTC gas drops, but that’s it!!!

Kathryn went to bed at 10 last night without making a peep and made it until exactly 7am until we heard from her again!!!  Went down for the 8 am nap without a sound and is still sleeping!  Her congestion is about the same this AM but she is eating fine and taking 7oz at each feeding.  The only time she didn’t eat much was at the last feeding last night when she did about half of a bottle.  I think she was just really ready for bed!
I am amazed!!!  THANK YOU!!!!
Lori M.

First of all I just want to thank you so much.  I had met you at the Baby Expo in Atlanta recently.  You had given my husband and I advice about putting our 11 month old to sleep.  Everything you said would happen did and within 2 weeks she was sleeping soundly throughout the night.  It has now been almost six months of our little girl sleeping through the night and we have you to thank.  I am now pregnant again and have to much to ask you. You are our lifesaver and we owe you so much.  Thank You, Jennifer R

I also appreciate the roadmap for the twins.  It’s good to know not only where we are headed but how we’ll get there.


Happy New Year!


Kind regards,

Christine Q


I tell everyone if there is anything I recommend to parents, it’s you and Moms on Call.Thanks for the advice!! Kara C.


Gosh, I can’t believe Ava is already 6 months old…time really does fly. You guys are just wonderful! When I tell people that she has been sleeping through the night since around 7-8 weeks, they look at me like I am crazy and that can’t be possible. Of course I then brag about your program. Seriously, I think I would have lost my mind without you guys. Love you guys! –Allison


Thank you so much for your support— you were right as always.   It is scary, as a new mom, when they seem to be in so much pain and all you want to do is comfort them—but, in the end, the real true comfort she needed was a good night’s rest.  So, thank you again—you have set me back on the path of restful sleeping (for all of us).  PS– I really do recommend you to ALL of my friends— your methods are miracle workers!!!! Thanks Again, Niki G.

Sam is a dream. Sleeping 7 to 7. He started crawling at 6 1/2 months and is such a smart, sweet little muffin. Thank you for helping me ease into this amazing thing called motherhood. God is certainly using you in a such a special way. Blessings and Grace, Trenton C


Thanks so much.  I wanted to tell you that we started your sleep methods on Sunday night, and she has slept ALL NIGHT every night since then!! It took around 20 minutes the first night, and only about 5 minutes of crying tonight.  She’s been so much more cheerful and energetic during the day now that she’s getting good sleep again.  Thank you SO much – I have recommended you to several friends already!

Elizabeth S


I took your infant online course and live by the book.  It was such a great help for me as I just wanted someone to tell me what to do.  It gave me the guidance I was looking for.  I have recommended the course to many friends.  My little one is now 8 months old and has been an absolute joy. Keri S.


Thank  you!  My daughter has been so blessed by the first book.  She heard you on Family Life Today and ordered your book before she was even pregnant.  She has followed it well and has a happy-sleeping through the night-very content little boy. She is very excited to read the second book.

Again, THANK YOU! Tera


I just want to say that last night was night 3 for my son on the sleep training and he is responding beautifully to it!! Colleen


Marc is doing great, we are home from Grandmas and everyone couldn’t believe what a sweet, happy baby I have! He slept though the night with no problems  at Grandmas and also one night in a hotel! – Macaulay W.


Just wanted to let you know, Miss Eloise has slept thru the night the last 2 nights, we never even had to do the cry thing!  Thank you for getting us on such a great schedule! Best, Laura G.


Although Lauren has never been a “problem” sleeper, your support helped me to start getting back into my own sleep routine and to feel, well, normal once again.  Not until you have a child do you truly realize how wonderful and how overwhelmed you can feel at the exact same time.  Now I live in the “wonderful.”  So nice. Jackie G.


It has only been two nights and my son, Ian, is already sleeping better. I just knew asking your advise was the right thing to do once again! Ps. Always buy your books for gifts for my friends who are expecting, and I need to purchase three more! Sara B.





Hudson recenlty started daycare, and the teacher said that in 13 years she has never seen a baby nap so well.  I attribute it to his great schedule thanks to moms on call!!!  Thank you – we have such a well rested, well fed and happy baby boy. – Tracey G.


Thank you SO MUCH for the book and blanket. I couldn’t believe it when they arrived in the mail! Our mother to be package is going to be a smash hit. I never cease to be amazed by you guys – your generosity, your expertise and your genuine commitment to moms is incredible. Dudley F.



He seems to be a happier baby now with all of his sleep and his bigger meals.  Your help has been invaluable. – Andrea C.