15 Months to 4 Years

Everything that parents of toddlers want to know: including how to get toddlers to sleep all night – IN THEIR ROOM and how to be less frustrated and feel more effective by learning:

  • The one thing that your child needs most but will never tell you. (and how to provide it for them)
  • Learn why kids misbehave and why you think that what you are doing now is not “working”.
  • Enjoy learning actual things to say to your children that will motivate them to want to behave.


CHEAT SHEETS that include:

  • Getting Rid of the Pacifier
  • The “No” Stage
  • Whining
  • Tantrums
  • Sleep Cheat Sheet
  • Naptime Cheat Sheet
  • Hitting/Biting
  • Putting on jacket/shoes
  • Going to the Grocery Store
  • Holding hands across the street
  • Getting Into the Carseat
  • Riding in the carseat
  • Potty Training
  • Bringing home baby/sibling


This is the first resource that gives you combined schedules for multi-child households that helps you to know what time is best to run errands, when you can get both the children napping (so you can have some much needed “sanity time”) AND get great nighttime sleep habits in place!

From humorous explanations to the short and sweet version, this book has it all!


Here are the tools that you will need


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White noise machine which can be purchased at this link? (maybe have the white noise machine in the sidebar and say here “White noise machine sold separately” Than a pic of the white noise machine and a few other items that could take them to Amazon in the sidebar?









Ways to access additional support


  1. Watch the online classes for a step-by-step tutorial LINK TO ONLINE CLASSES PAGE
  2. Contact us by email to schedule a personal consultation. You cannot ask a book a question, but you can set up a phone or in-home consultation and partner with a Moms on Call trained independent consultant who can answer all of your questions and personalize your sleep and schedule plan _ LINK HERE TO CONSULTANTS PAGE




This is the best $ I’ve ever spent. Really… in my whole life – I’m sure of it. I only wish I had called on you two and a half years ago! Amy H.

My name is Emily and I have a two year old little girl named Julianna (she is actually 25 months now)!  I have completed the online toddler seminar and it has changed our lives!!! Thank you SO much.  We are sleeping through the night consistently and having such an easier time now that we talk to her “between awake and asleep”. Thanks so much..y’all are AWESOME! Emily J.

It’s so concrete and doable! “Yes, Ma’am and DO it.” Don’t ever get discouraged. If you can make a know-it-all pediatrician feel empowered, just think what you’re doing for people who have no child development experience. Tammy W.

I like the personal stories, specific advice and good comebacks for children’s answers.

Thanks again for your help on Jake’s schedule.  He is doing SOOO great!  Waking up between 7 and 7:30 to eat most mornings but sleeping the rest of the time and going down around 7:30pm! 
Alicia K

Hi Jennifer! Landon is 14 months old now and I can’t believe it. He’s a totally different child since this past May when you came into our lives!! Kimberly H.

Thank you so much for your help!  I am not sure if my husband has e-mailed you or not.  Julia has been sleeping through the night since the second night he tried!  Although it’s still tough for him to have her all by himself, I think he feels much better now that he can sleep through the night and feel rested. (Sent from a mom in Iraq, fighting for our country)

It has given me strength to do what I need to do to keep this household running and to keep my sanity! Elis

You continue to help make life wonderful at our house! Sarah K.

You tell everyone to believe in your children, but you did such a great job of showing parents to believe in themselves! It was great! You did such a great job of showing parents to believe in themselves! I really feel like I was able to get so much out of it. What would we all do with out you??? Robyn M.

As you know, we implemented the 3 family rules. We then backed them up when Jacob would come out of his room after being tucked in. We did have 2 rough nights when he tried to knock down the door, but it has been great since then. He no longer comes out of his room at all and sleeps all night! I am totally convinced that the enjoyment (and # of hours of sleep we’re getting) of being a parent is in large part due to your advice – knowledge is power!!! Andy S.

Moms on Call provided me with a wealth of information to use in my quest for order with three 29 month old children.
Thank you for the humor, understanding, and solid advice that you provided – I can’t wait to get started! This was a great experience! Angela P

It was very enlightening. Like an outline for parenting!!! Karen L.

It was so informative and I feel like I am ready to face toddlerhood now. Well, at least I am a bit more “armed” with great info to face the toddler years!! 🙂 Amanda M.

He no longer comes out of his room at all and sleeps all night! I am totally convinced that the enjoyment (and sleep) of being a parent is in large part due to your advice – knowledge is power!!! Andy S.

It’s all about becoming educated as a new parent to build that foundation to raising great kids while keeping your home life intact. Liz

This has changed our lives!! He now goes down at night with no fussing AT ALL. He’s taking longer naps and is sleeping through the night. You are a LIFESAVER!!!! I’ll tell everyone I know! Pam P.

The toddler seminar was such a great experience and it came at such a good time in my life. Leigh B.

It has given me strength to do what I need to do to keep this household running and to keep my sanity! Elis

You continue to help make life wonderful at our house! Sarah K.

I loved the real live situations

You are SO good at what you do. You should be a therapist on the side (although I guess you sort of are).  You always say the right thing at the right moment.
Thanks. We LOVE you! Emily H.

Very informational, easy to follow – not overwhelming. Moms on Call is great fun and very relatable.

I appreciated the upbeat nature and realistic approach to life with a toddler.

WOW!!!  Class was fun and I did not get bored. I could relate to so much!

It is great! I would highly recommend it! I enjoyed the interaction and true “common sense” that Jennifer and Laura bring to parenting. They are life-savers!

Great insight and instructional tips! I believe this provided guidance I can put into action immediately with my toddler.

It was very realistic and an easy system and perspective to follow. Lisa L.

I liked that the class went over specifics.I liked that you gave examples on how to apply what you learn.It was entertaining!!I felt that the class lined up with my personal principles.

I’m not sure if you remember me or not but I wanted to send you a note of our “success story”. You came and visited our house when our son, Hamilton, was 5 weeks old. Within a week of using all the “tips” you taught me – some that are in your book and some that I have hand-written in from our conversation – Hamilton had mastered sleeping 10-6 and to this day, I joke that I’m entering my 2 year old into a sleep contest. He sleeps 11-12 hours at night and will take long 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon. A little genetics might contribute to that, I think, but also a lot of “moms on call”! When our second son, Brooks, was born almost 5 weeks ago on 12/2, I was nervous about the sleepless nights. I knew your “tips” backwards and forwards, up and down. But still, would Brooks really sleep through the night at 6 weeks old like his brother? We know people who have 9 month olds that still don’t sleep through the night. We were terrified that our second child was going to be impossible as we were so lucky with Hamilton. Surely we were doomed to be up every hour, on the hour! Well, someone is looking down on us! Brooks is 4 weeks and 5 days and has slept from 10-6ish for the past 5 nights!! We cannot believe our luck. People ask us what we’re doing – are we making him cry for hours? NO! I reiterate what doesn’t really even seem so complicated but it absolutely works …

Y’all are truly amazing!I also wanted to let you know that you were right on with the potty training also. Hamilton was potty trained (and happy the entire time!) right at his 2nd birthday. It’s been a dream. And you were right – go straight for the underwear, avoid pull ups! I was a total nay-sayer on that and thought pull ups are there for a reason but I was wrong! :). I hope this finds you well, Jaclyn A

It was positive, supportive and loving. What a constructive way to guide my child to the behavior I want him to display.

Easy to relate to with lots of great info. Great actionable ideas

Mason is a true testimony of your work.  I can’t thank you two enough.  Have 2 babies within two years, this is the only way I could survive.
Stephanie M.

I loved the presentation style, great energy, awesome stories.. It was quick, enjoyable and applicable. Very entertaining and helpful.

I love that it is advice from a REAL mom.

I like the fact that you parent as a Christian family.

Love it. I took it twice. It is a foundation for the future using positive verbal affirmations.

Just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for inviting us to your workshop today.  I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of valuable skills!  The personal time you spent on each person’s questions was really great.  I can tell you have a great passion for kids and love for teaching by the way you presented the info.  It was great to finally meet you.  You and Laura have started such an awesome company and are really great at what you are doing.  You both have the personalities to run a great business and I really feel like your attention shows you really care about your clients.  🙂  Just wanted to say thanks and say what a great job you did!!
Julie T

I loved the practical tips and suggestions. Christina S.

Wonderful and helpful information that was much needed for me right now. Keri C.

Jennifer’s demeanor was gentle and firm at the same time. The class was entertaining.

Thank you so much for using Woodland for your Moms on call presentation. I so enjoyed everything I heard. It reminded me of some of the best memories I have of being a stay at home mom. Even with a 16 year old and a 13 year old I heard some things that are very useful.
Our bake sale for our gifted students was a success. We earned enough money to send one our students to our Tybee Island field study in March. We appreciate you allowing us to be there.
When my sister has a baby I definitely sending her your book. What a wonderful service you offering to parents. I don’t believe I have ever seen that many men in a room before!
Deborah B

The class was very helpful and I learned lots of great tips. I got the most out of the boundary stones and the family rules. It was fun and gave great examples.

I learned a lot and can’t wait to try everything out. Thanks for helping.

Very informative and easy to follow. Thank you for all of your wonderful advice.


Thanks so very much for your advice on all topics.  It is so very helpful to me.  I need to be reminded to ALWAYS go to God with these decisions, as sometimes you get so caught up in trying to “think it through” that you forget that God has THE plan and I need to ask Him to guide me and give me direction.
Thank you as always,

I loved everything about this course. Thanks so much. Mason protested a little the first night but once he was asleep he stayed asleep. And he’s been sleeping thru ever since!
Tricia F.

I liked the format/boundary stones and the fact that she focused on important areas.

I feel like I am an infomercial for you guys. I have had 5 friends from my Twins message board take your course, have sent recommendations to 7 other friends here where I live, and my friend with triplets just blogged about it after I referred her to it for her triplets.
Kim A.

My favorites were the sleeping, feeding and scheduling topics.

I have been recommending the Moms on Call materials to all my friends and I have been getting feedback that they love it and that it works. Thought you might like the encouragement. :)
Bethany W.

The best parts were the family rules, triangulation and Jennifer’s energy.

Thanks so much..y’all are AWESOME!

Emily J


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice regarding Jacks withholding of his BM’s, you told me to just ignore all the drama, and IT WORKED!!!!!!! I don’t even know when he goes anymore, its truly amazing. No more drama, no more suppositories. We just wanted to thank you for yet again amazing and right on the money advice.

Thank you, Robyn S


Anne slept until 6:15am this morning – hooray! Thanks so much for all of your help! Trudy M.


Thanks so much for your books, they have saved me!!

Ginny P


Claire is getting much better about eating what I give her or at least not pitching a fit! Anne G.


Thanks so much for getting us started on a new schedule.  Matthew only cried about 10 minutes twice the 1st night and only about 30 seconds only when put to bed at 8:30 the second night.  He has been exploring his room at night put knows he cannot leave the room. He was even smart enough the first night to find his little step to get back in bed. Has worked like a charm.

Thanks, Loren


All I can say is WOW – you are the reason that I won’t have to take anti-depressants!  How’s that for a testimonial? Erin


Thank you (every day) for your help and support in getting Sam to sleep better.  The whole family is much happier and better rested.

Truly, Darby M


I wanted to let you know that we started Katelynn sleeping in her “big girl” bed the Friday before last. She’s doing really well. You all have helped us so much with everything. Thank you – Tricia


Ellie started sleeping from 7 to 7 & we have been elated! I wanted to thank you for all of your help/support in helping us get there. Jana L.


You guys are making me feel so confident about this parenting business.  I like to go into things prepared (as much as possible), so THANK YOU!! Love, Krista


Thank you thank you thank you!  You are so encouraging and I so needed that! We are doing much better!  After a much needed vacation we have turned over a new leaf.  Emma Kate is having less tantrums, the girls are sleeping in their room together (with little conflict) and her sister (4mths) is sleeping at night without swaddle, I can’t say thank you enough!  God is good. Some days are so hard, but it sure is great to know He’s here with me.  And He really shows himself through people like you thank you again!

Have a great day! –Katie


We will see what happens tonight, but we got home last night and she was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to get home to her own bed!  At bed time, I brought her up sat in her chair to read her a book and she got off my lap and crawled into her bed I gave her the book (it’s cloth) and she curled up with it and her stuffed monkey… I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her and was so proud of her and that I’d see her in the morning.. I turned around as I was leaving the room and blew her a kiss – she smiled and blew one back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!– Julie C.


The girls are both sleeping from 7:30 to 6:30 every night and they take at least 2 naps a day. Vicki P


Things are going great. Molly is getting so big, and thanks to Moms on Call she is such a good girl. – Crystal C.


She is consistently getting an hour and a half of rest at nap time but I will push for the extra half hour, as well as put her down at the same time every day.  You were completely right about the move!  Cate transitioned very well and is sleeping great at night in her new room. Thanks again…I can never thank you enough for the help you have provided our family!



You are an angel!!!! Thank you!!!!!Katie


You were extremely helpful with my 2 year old. She is now back to napping 2.5/3 hours in the afternoon. I followed your advice and she has mastered the naps again. The toddler seminar online is amazing. I have used all the techniques and they work great. We took the paci away from my 2 year old and it only took one day to adjust! Best Regards, Pamela R.


Thanks you once again for the wonderful advice!  He was so responsive to our conversation about being a big boy and that Mommy was not coming in until the sun comes up.  It’s amazing what these litle minds can understand.  He’s slept until 6:45 – 7:30 since we spoke.  We’ve continued the conversation every night until now when I start it he says “Mommy won’t come in until the sun comes up!”

Thank you,



The Moms on Call online seminar was so informative and helpful, especially at clearing up things I wasn’t sure of how to deal with and addressing some of the things I currently use that don’t seem to work. I have read a number of parenting books in the last year to try to sort through this toddler phase and assumed that most books and courses offered the same information. Your seminar, however, was definitely a practical “here’s how” that even addressed things like faith and character building. Thanks again for all you all do at MOC! It is literally making a difference for people across the globe. –Lizzy


You have been an incredible help. Not only were you such an amazing support during a very crucial time, you were so personable and warm and understanding. I felt like I had a girlfriend sitting next to me giving me sound and wonderful advice. It was the best money I have ever spent.You helped me turn my son into a wonderful night & nap sleeper, and helped me through some difficult “2 year old” episodes with my daughter! Thank you so much!!!Thanks again! Martha


My husband and I heeded your advice, held out ground, and we are all sleeping through the night. Most days when I open the door the room is even dry:) – Dudley F.


Thank you!  I have recommended you to many friends, here in Athens, Atlanta, and even in London, England!  I appreciate your advice always.- Suzanne


Jennifer, Joe and I have really had a life changing experience with our kids!  Riley Jane is sleeping through the night and not crying!  They are much better over all and both teachers at school even made a comment! Thanks again!Merideth H


Wow, is it appropriate to say ‘I love you guys’ because I really do!

Thank you for your comforting, pratical, and achieveable suggestions –

Moms on Call has been such a tremendous source of strength and support for my family -My husband and I read and re-read your email and sent it to Max’s aunt, grandparents and nanny, our extended family circle –

Thanks for reiterating what we know and for opening our eyes and hearts to new ideas -Teachable moments and keeping a calm, non-reaction, really resonated with us -We continue to refer everyone we know to Moms on Call and your continued support is a BIG reason why -Thanks to you and Laura for all you do – Michele